Millhouse Family

Contact: Kestren
Location: Ithal (small farming village near the capital, close to Fyardh lands)

The family:

The Millhouse’s own a small farm a few miles away from the capital, in a small farming community. Amal works the fields mostly by himself, though Ida, his wife used to help until their daughter Teresa was born.

Teresa is now 5 years old. Teresa found Kestren naked and unconscious on the banks of the river not far from the farm. (Kestren is a nickname that she came up with. No one’s sure what it’s supposed to mean.) Ida took him in, and helped nurse him to health. Eventually, once he was strong enough Amal was very grateful for his help in the fields, and payed him a small wage. Teresa helped teach Kestren the language, and eventually he got it down. Kestren became a sort of adoptive big brother the Teresa, and she was very sad to see him leave.

Millhouse Family

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