The Age of Reason

We're coppers now


After staking out the eice house for several days, we had learned basically nothing. So we went inside and busted some heads. We found who we were looking for and he told us what we needed to know. We probably should have started with busting heads. SooYoung had the write idea, it seems.

Directly after we got the name of our next target, Mr. Fancy Butler appeared and gave us paperwork that gives us permission to do what we’ve been doing anyway as long as we do it in the write place. The right place, it seems, is a laundry service. Mr. Butler’s appearance was very convenient. He had our permission slip before we asked for it. Has he been watching us? Has he known what we would find out from the beginning? Maybe we should bust his head and find out what he knows.

Also, there’s a drugged up holy man who is working with us. He made a nice crossbow for me.


iellswo bluewales

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