The Age of Reason

Levrim's Journal- 2nd to last post

Things are beginning to progress faster and faster and for better or worse, we cannot stop them all from ending in catastrophe. Celus has attained the throne of our empire and seems well on the way of cementing himself in the people’s good favor. Perhaps my initial doubts about the man were wrong, but I still don’t trust him fully.

However, our focus was on something else during this. After the strange explosion and rift that formed when Leonard’s double was killed, we decided to travel once more into the wastes to see if we could learn more about how he came to have such a double and what all of this meant. On the way, we stopped in a withered forest where Theoro delivered a large seed to a dying dryad. Exactly who she was, what the seed was and why she needed it so is a tale for another day, but once it was delivered, we decided to enter the wastes through a newly discovered network of caves that led underneath the mountains blocking our way. After many twists and turns, we found ourselves again faced with ancient ruins. What this city must have been before, we do not know, but know it is the haunt of a few rare constructs lurching about without purpose. One such beast attacked us and we reduced it to scrap, but not before it hurt us badly enough that we were forced to rest in the tunnels.

Thankfully, nothing else happened down there and we left the tunnels the next day and made quick time to the Vaeric temple in the center of the wastes. Nothing attacked, but we soon crossed paths with Kestrin and a group of scholars that also had come to investigate the temple. Kestrin’s double, Sandwalker and Leonard both showed us preparations they made that might get them through whatever blocked us from entering, then entered. We waited long for them to return, until suddenly the entire temple vanished with a blast, leaving only a pit where it had stood. Whatever had happened seemed to have killed Leonard and Sandwalker, and it wasn’t until later that we noticed that Theoro had slipped away, leaving us a note to say that he had entered the temple to see. Now he too is gone.

What did we come all this way for? To blast three men from the face of the earth? I don’t know, but luckily I didn’t have much time to dwell on it as Nadab contacted us shortly, saying that his nemesis had arranged a trade of the egg for the crystal keys we had already collected. The others began to plan, trying to find a way to turn this to their advantage, but I could only think of the markings we had seen hinting at something terrible lurking there. This enemy had to die and that door had best never open.

Nameless help us all if it ever does open.


iellswo akhdar

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