The Age of Reason

Levrim's Journal- 2nd to last post

Things are beginning to progress faster and faster and for better or worse, we cannot stop them all from ending in catastrophe. Celus has attained the throne of our empire and seems well on the way of cementing himself in the people’s good favor. Perhaps my initial doubts about the man were wrong, but I still don’t trust him fully.

However, our focus was on something else during this. After the strange explosion and rift that formed when Leonard’s double was killed, we decided to travel once more into the wastes to see if we could learn more about how he came to have such a double and what all of this meant. On the way, we stopped in a withered forest where Theoro delivered a large seed to a dying dryad. Exactly who she was, what the seed was and why she needed it so is a tale for another day, but once it was delivered, we decided to enter the wastes through a newly discovered network of caves that led underneath the mountains blocking our way. After many twists and turns, we found ourselves again faced with ancient ruins. What this city must have been before, we do not know, but know it is the haunt of a few rare constructs lurching about without purpose. One such beast attacked us and we reduced it to scrap, but not before it hurt us badly enough that we were forced to rest in the tunnels.

Thankfully, nothing else happened down there and we left the tunnels the next day and made quick time to the Vaeric temple in the center of the wastes. Nothing attacked, but we soon crossed paths with Kestrin and a group of scholars that also had come to investigate the temple. Kestrin’s double, Sandwalker and Leonard both showed us preparations they made that might get them through whatever blocked us from entering, then entered. We waited long for them to return, until suddenly the entire temple vanished with a blast, leaving only a pit where it had stood. Whatever had happened seemed to have killed Leonard and Sandwalker, and it wasn’t until later that we noticed that Theoro had slipped away, leaving us a note to say that he had entered the temple to see. Now he too is gone.

What did we come all this way for? To blast three men from the face of the earth? I don’t know, but luckily I didn’t have much time to dwell on it as Nadab contacted us shortly, saying that his nemesis had arranged a trade of the egg for the crystal keys we had already collected. The others began to plan, trying to find a way to turn this to their advantage, but I could only think of the markings we had seen hinting at something terrible lurking there. This enemy had to die and that door had best never open.

Nameless help us all if it ever does open.

amn open letter to the clergy of Syr Evan

Brothers and sisters in the charge of justice and righteousness, unbound, hear what I have to say, fo9r there wil likely never be a chance to know this otherwise.

I cannot fully explain this, and you need only know it if you die in battle, as heroes often do. That is why, it is to you, my brothers and sisters I write this note.

I am lucky, when I died in battle, I was able to return, but what I say of now involves what happened immediatly.

I was offered an chance to return to lfie by a childlike voice, one I now know belongs to one called the wanderer. It always sounded like it was behind me. It offered me a return to life if I but took its blue coin, and gave it to someone who it dictated. Ity refused my query of what wiould such a coin do – as I il wished to give a curse to some poor soul I do not even know. As such I refused its offer, and found myself on a boat, pioted by a servant of Kursheed. A place, apparently, wqas not ready for me yet, and I was returned to life to complete the abttle for which I had been in.

Later, I found out a comrade had also died but he had tajken the coin – and I witnessed him deliver it, and it gave death to he who recieved the coin. Needless to say we were both shocked.

The wanderer is a murderous monster who must be stopped, merely mentioning his name to my allies it tried to kill me, I was saved by the word of a holy man.

Beware, but continuye on the path of good and justice.


Levrim's journal

So much has happened, where can I even begin? The world is upside down and I don’t think it’s even a bad thing.

Nadab, using whatever means or network was available to him, discovered the gathering place of the rogue dragons and, in addition to his own draconic allies, persuaded us to come and help out in whatever way we could. He was grimly determined to not only stop this civil war between the dragons, but also to wreck vengeance upon the rogue leader who had stolen the last egg of Nadab’s brood.

However, our own intentions were merely to aid in the general bloodshed and avoid becoming part of the inevitable casualties. We prepared ourselves best we could, layering spells and enchantments thickly until we could hardly carry anymore. Finally, Nadab used his magic to bring us all into an ancient valley. Almost immediately, we moved to engage a pair of dragons that, though not as impressive or as powerful as some others in the valley, were nonetheless vastly stronger than we had dealt with before.

The fighting was intense, both for us as well as for our allies and soon the entire valley was a massive battlefield, rent often by the roars and blazing breaths of dragons. We fought desperately, nearly overwhelmed by the pair we were facing. During the chaos, both Leonard and his unexplained double were struck down, but their passing caused the very fabric of nature to begin to twist and writhe, forming a rift where they had stood. Its opening had blasted those of us near it with some fell force, so we quickly withdrew from the widening gap. I admit I was curious as to what could possibly be happening, but I began to hear whispers, frantic and broken, emanating from it. What they said, I couldn’t quite make out, but the sound of them filled me with dread and I ran.

Lucky for me that I had. The rift quickly collapsed on itself, killing a dragon that had foolishly drawn close to see what might be seen beyond. In its wake though was Leonard, now just one instead of two, and a confused goblin. What had happened? I don’t know, but I feel it was something beyond the ken of any of us in the valley then, dragon or mortal.

Fortunately, while we were busy witnessing such a strange sight, the rest of the battle had turned in Nadab’s favor. The rogue leader had fled and those that remained had surrendered. Though I doubted that this was the end of our troubles with the dragons, I hoped that it was the end of the widespread civil war that had destroyed so much of our own empire.

However, Raniel had been gravely hurt in the fight and though he soon was fine thanks to our help, he seemed strangely quiet about the battle itself. Days later, I discovered that he had nearly died during the fight, and during his brush with death, had been accosted by none other than the Wanderer. What that creature might want with him, I didn’t know, but I found out that Theoro had also met it before. As we discussed it, the air grew chill and I heard the small, childish voice speak from just beyond my sight. It began to mock us, threatening us with whatever it could do to those that had so recently met it and I, in desperation, finally invoked my full power and rebuked it back to whatever foul pit it lived in.

So far, my friends, for thus I think of them, have at least been tolerant of my now-revealed beliefs, but we shall see as time goes on whether or not they can accept me when our time of need passes.

Civil war ended

Today I killed a man. It was an accident. The Wanderer had me deliver a blue token to a man in exchange for my life. When he touched it, the man died. The Wanderer tricked me. I’ll never make a deal with him again. I’m now a wanted man.

Today we saw the end of the dragon civil war! While the help we gave was little, we were able to help Nadab end the civil war. We fought two dragons that were extremely hard to fight. My bow wasn’t very effective. I was able to penetrate their spell barrier but they were too powerful for my spells to take effect.

While we were fighting the most curious thing happened. A rod of wonder appeared in my bag. It may be interesting to try out this new item. I’ve only heard about these.

We also met a goblin who calls himself Breki. He thought he knew me…



Killed dragon at Temple of Sir Evan today. Big one, size of a fifteen-year cave bear. Starting to worry. Don’t want to go into slayer business. Poor benefits.

How to advertise slaying dragon on resume? Team-building skills? Decision-making under pressure? Suggestions please.

Best to sis and mum. Send more spirits.

- Telerden

Raniel's Journal - 16th session

They’re dead…

They’re dead, and it’s my fault. If only I had rushed to warn them when we arrived rather than worry about being followed. Obviosly, the old man from the Order of the Golem read someone’s mind, and I’m not sure if it was me or not, but while we waited to assess the situation the doctor’s house where we had left that which shouldn’t be written down((editors note: he means Irestones)) at exploded.

I almost got Leonard Mayes killed once before because I couldn’t tell a thug from a real soldier, and now my inaction has actually cost the lives of others. I don’t know what to do with this. I swear, though, on my honor, and on my blood, I will avenge them.

I will not rest until the Order of the Golem pays for the lives they have taken this day. We sought them out in friendship, in desire to align with them against a common foe – and how do they repay us? By reading our minds against our will, and murdering people. Naila had warned us against this path, though I barely know her, the rest of the group seems to – I should’ve trusted her more. I should have done more…

Levrim's Journal- 15th Session

Following our meeting with Nadab to meet up with our new companions, He gave us orders to deliver the Irestone he had to a scholar that he trusted. Being that this scholar lived many days to the south, we boarded the local train that was somehow still functioning. However, while we travelled, a strange hooded figure approached our new dwarven companion and gave him a cursed totem. Fortunately, the totem didn’t overwhelm him but when we tried to apprehend this being, he vanished and left only a pile of clothing. Nadab hinted that this was a ‘Silent One’, a possessing demon that tries to drive out the souls of others to claim their bodies for their own. We didn’t think it chance that such a being attacked us while we were transporting the Irestone.

It turned out that this scholar lived with her eccentric and probably idiotic father, but apparently uses his strangeness to not draw too much attention to herself. A strange practice, but when one has been entrusted with something as dangerous as an Irestone, I cannot blame her for wanting to remain out of the minds of others. After our recent encounter on the train, I thought any and all precautions prudent to avoid the attention of our enemies. We warned her of our enemies then left her in peace.

Following some confusion where our new companions spent days trying to find a vampire rumored to haunt the area, we made our way to Hamil. Our brush with the possessing demon had rattled us and we hoped to find allies that could help us ward off whatever infernal scheme was now afoot. One group in particular seems most suited to this- the shadowy Order of the Golem. My companions did what they could to find help, but I followed my own sources, trying to find aid.

I found it, but on conditions. Is such aid worth binding myself to even more leaders?

Stubbornness is pain

So I ran into a very powerful dragon the other day. He’s probably one of the olderst beings around. He was pretty much going to kill us unless I escorted him to the holy of holys. I refused of course. And stubbornly enough I was going to get that key away from him one way or another. I ended up teleporting in to get the key and then the good dragon showed up and ported me out of there. good thing too cus I was going to die. It was painfull to touch the key but I survived.

A family matter

It’s been a while since I have written and much has happened. We caught wind about a crystal key, however, I also caught wind that my family had recently moved out of Lorentzian I felt that I should check up on them. I slipped away from the group for a little while, to check on them.

I’m glad that I found them safe. Like all Gnomes they have high spirits despite recent events. Since Noam was pulled out of school and moved to a different school. Noam decided that it would be the perfect time to go off on her own adventure. She has joined a group of mercenaries. While I must admit that I am worried about her, I know that she is happy. I hope we can keep in touch despite her movements.

Like I Said, Dragons Suck.
Blake's Journal

Selena and I met up with Arwen and I finally got rid of the bloody Ire Stone.
Thank …the Nameless? That’s a pointless thing to say. I don’t know… Thank the Great E. Whatever. Anyway… Much to do and we are quite busy, so a short entry to day.

I met Arwen and the Liaison of the Dragons.
I met the fetching Lunar Dragon who gave me the stone—Adoniram. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him about what he meant so long ago, which I kind of regret.
Selena is safe, despite being attacked at the Delver’s home base.
I finally feel useful.
Selena… If this ends in anything other than a tragedy I swear I will marry this girl. I got her a ring. For what it is worth. I don’t know how this will work out, but Arwen actually seems like a leader, and he has earned some respect from me. And he has a gun. A cool one. I have found a glimmer of hope for the future, for better or worse. When it comes down to it, I guess I have always been a soldier, and now I have something to fight for that is bigger than me or my family. I will do what I can.


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