The Age of Reason


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Drathl was once a land consumed by warfare, an entire continent continually bathed in bloodshed. However, about 137 years ago, a man rose from the chaos, and with a strong will led a campaign across the entire continent, bringing all under one rule. With the help of his new Goddess, the one now known as Eoleth the Conqueror ended a war that plagued both heaven and earth, and finally brought peace. Since that day, the Drathl Empire has stood strong, as a beacon of civilization.

Since that day, technology has developed, the Vaer were unfortunately destroyed, and the people have thrived. Now, on the eve of the 137th anniversary of the founding of the Empire, a new shadow begins to cast itself upon the land.

Important pages to look at:

Inter-haitus Info
Pre-Tessarid Civilization
The Sealed Door
Crystal Keys
Cera’s Egg

Current Date: 7th of Septenmar

Meeting times and places:

Now we meet at 630 Fridays at Blakfyre in PG.