The Delvers

“Always, in every age, the spirit of adventure calls out to those that would listen. It calls men to go out and seek the unknown, to wander into the wilderness, to delve deep in the deepest dungeons, to discover the remnants of ancient civilizations and tales never before told. The call of adventure awaits, and we await to greet all who answer.”

Whether or not your character has agreed, all of you have at one time or another been approached by the Delvers in a recruitment effort. The Delvers are always looking for able individuals to join their company.

With the recent string of kidnappings in Desya, you have once again been approached by the Delvers, as they have been hired by the local militia to go into the mountains and try and find the children that have been kidnapped from the outskirt settlements around the city.

Whether or not you have previously joined the Delvers, you are being asked to help them in this instance. They have also offered 100 gp to each individual, as well as a share in whatever they manage to find or salvage from the raiders’ camp.

The Delvers

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