During the great war, which lasted more than 200 years, only one nation stood strong. It was a time of great chaos, many “nations” rose and fell, and warfare and bloodshed covered the land. However, through it all Peoria stood strong, and Peorians are very, very proud of that fact. However, at the end of the war, when Eoleth the conqueror brought an end to the war, Peoria had fallen to their enemies, and Eoleth brought Peoria into the Drathl Empire. To this day, more than 130 years later, Peorians are still sore about it.

Proud, strong-willed, and often stubborn, the people of Peoria are often at odds with the Empire. The Province considers itself independent from the Empire in almost every way, and even refers to itself as the “Sovereign Nation of Peoria” and maintains a High King as it’s leader. However, much to the chagrin of the people, the High King is still subject to the Emperor. Peoria refuses to send or elect an adviser to represent them before the Emperor.

Most recently Peoria has risen up in a full on rebellion. As of yet there has not been a single dragon attack in Peoria, and the Peorians are taking it as a sign from Samar that their cause is just.




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