The campaign takes place in the fantastical world of the Drathl Empire. The Drathl Empire is currently in a state where technology and new weaponry have started to take the place of the old arcane ways. Great trains rumble across the plains, factories have begun to mass produce many goods needed by the common people, and the days of the common adventurer seem all but past.

However, there is still a place for those with the adventuring spirit. Peace is still fragile, and while the Imperial Guard and the local militia are able to keep beasts and marauders at bay, they still ofttimes turn to mercenaries to aid. The life of a mercenary is one of excitement, travel, and is often very lucrative.

However, dark clouds loom on the horizon as foes and problems both ancient and new begin to rise. Political intrigue, treachery, and corruption run rampant. And technology and modern comforts can bring with them their own set of problems.

This is the world in which you find yourselves, a group of mercenaries trying to make a living in this bustling and confusing world.

Weaponry and armor are pretty standard, people still use swords and the like, and while guns exist, they are still a little too pricey for the average foot soldier or mercenary. Archery has changed a ton, as crossbows have sort of taken over, and old fashioned bows are almost obsolete in war and such.


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