To say that Mistvale was practically owned by the Drakkon family would actually not be much of an exaggeration. The Drakkon Family, currently lead by Phillus Drakkon, owns the mine in Mistvale, the towns only real source of income.

Mistvale is in the cold, harsh northern end of the Celeria Province, only a few miles north to reach the northern cliffs, to the west lies the Great Divide, past those the wastes, and to the south is actual civilization.

The town has had some recent financial setbacks, however, and Mr. Drakkon is practically broke. He is trying desperately to save the mine, however, he is practically bankrupt, and his only option left is to sell the mine completely.

Arwen’s group discovered that Mr. Windswallow, Arwen’s father, was currently bidding on the mine, and the group headed down into the sealed branch in one last ditch effort to either convince Mr. Drakkon to keep the mine and take a chance, or to sell it and at least try to get as good a price as possible.

On the 11th of Quintemar dragons attacked Mistvale and fought in the skies above the city. The town was completely destroyed in the process. The only building left standing when the smoke cleared was Ma’s Bed and Breakfast.

The survivors of the attack made their way to Desya, a week long journey on foot since the train had been destroyed about half way back.


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