Mercenary Companies

The call of adventure is most alluring to many. Because of this, mercenary companies have been formed across Drathl, providing income and adventure for their members, as well as being source that both the Imperial Guard and many local militia can turn to in their times of need.

Being a member of a mercenary group can bring along with it a certain level of prestige, many will respect you and be more likely to help when they know you are a member of a group that has earned respect. Also, being a member of a company allows you the opportunity to gain prestige among the group, and they will be likely to give you more jobs as well as they will have your back when you need them.

As such, in this campaign we will be using the mercenary company as a story driver, at least in the beginning. It allows for interaction between the two groups, as well as allowing them to work towards a common goal. Eventually, depending on the actions of the group, party members may find themselves in positions of leadership among the mercenary group.

The mercenary group you will be associated with, (again, only to begin with, this is an open campaign) is the Delvers, a mercenary company centered in Desya, the capital city of the Celeria province. Below is a link to their info page, as well as a few of the other well-known companies in the Empire.

Grey Beards
The Delvers
Aether Novus

Mercenary Companies

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