Magic Item Creation

Magic Items cannot have any spells that are usable at will; each function must have a daily limit. The only exception to this is cantrips, which can be made usable at will following the normal magic item creation rules.

Spells cannot be put onto items as continuous effects.

Use-activation cannot be defined as a free action. It must be done as part of another action, as a swift action, or as an immediate action (at the least; some items may still require a standard action). In the case of items that can be deactivated, deactivation may be performed as a free action.

Alignment, race, class, and skill restrictions cannot be used to reduce the base price or crafting cost of an item. These restrictions can still be added to a magic item to prevent general use.

A character cannot add 5 to the crafting DC to ignore spell requirements unless they use the Master Craftsman feat to craft the item. They cannot use the Spellcraft skill in conjunction with the Master Craftsman feat. A character can still add 5 to the DC to ignore other requirements such as metamagic feats, race, alignment, skills, etc.

Wordcasters can craft items if they have an effect word similar to the normal spell required. This requires them to add 2 to the crafting DC.

Intelligent items cannot be crafted by simply adding 500 gp to the base price of an item. Instead, a character must use the Impart Mind spell. This is an exception to the normal rule that items cannot have continuous spell effects.

The Fabricate and Masterwork Transformation spells do not exist.

Magic Item Creation

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