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The first week of Sestenmar was the week of Founding, when the empire celebrates the conquest of Eoleth, who brought the warring continent together under one banner. However, for Peoria, it was a week of renewed inspiration, and the war in Peoria got even more fierce, with the Drathl forces being pushed all the way to the base of the mountains that mark Peoria’s border.

During this time, the complete silence from Adoniram and his allies ended. On the 4th of Sestenmar, Founder’s Day, dragons again descended on mankind. The airships, which were hoped to be effective weapons against them, did do some damage, but many were torn from the sky. Nadab and his allies swept in to try and defend Desya, and Raniel, Levrim, Celine, Kestren, Theoro and Ken were caught up in the assault on Hamil city itself. During the fight they witnessed Jaeren Celus wielding his own weapon, and two young dragons fell by his hand alone.

For the others, the journey to Ish was not easy. With the massive size of Peoria the journey took them most of the time. The noted, however, that there was no dragon attack of any kind on Founders day, and the Peorian forces took that as a sign from the gods that their cause was just. The group was also captured by Peorian forces, however, Alastar’s connections and Peorian sympathies were able to get the group released. Staying close to the wastes kept the group safe from any further Peorian forces, but they had plenty of other dangers to worry about. (and yes, even shocker lizards a few times.)

On the 17th of Sestenmar the Drathl forces once again turned their attention to the Peorian border, and there was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the war so far, hundreds died on both sides in a single day.

On the 18th of Sestenmar an emergency meeting of the Imperial council names Jaeren Celus as the caretaker of the Emperor’s throne, giving him complete power to rule the empire until the dragon conflict and the peorian war have both been resolved, at which time a proper Emperor is to be elected.

The 20th of Sestenmar there is another dragon attack, however, this one is limited only to the city of Lorentzian, in the Ferriette province. None of Nadabs forces were anywhere nearby, and the attack was over before they could arrive. Lorentzian still held it’s own, but was weakened substantially.

On the 24th of Sestenmar Arwen gets a message from Nadab. A lycanthrop apparently arrived at the Delver headquarters. “Also, she’s beautiful. Additionally, there’s a pissed woman here… she says that you should not be running away from your responsibilities, or something like that.”

On the 27th of Sestenmar a cease-fire is called, where both Drathl and Peorian forces agree that there will be no fighting on the Day of Elior, which is 2 days after that.

Today is now the 28th of Sestenmar, where we once again find our heroes. Arwen’s group not an hour’s journey more outside of the city of Ish, and Levrim’s group in Lorentzian, headed there at Nadab’s request, since the Delver’s he had sent inquire after the crystal key had died in the dragon assault.

Inter-haitus Info

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