Hamil is the capital city of the Empire. Hamil also refers to the region in the center of the empire that is not part of one of the other provinces. The city itself is 3 days walk across, and so to travel across the city there is a system of trains built on bridges that extend above the buildings. The city itself is divided into 10 sectors, and each sector elects a representative to sit of the city council, the governing body of the city and the surrounding area, which is some of the most fertile plains in the empire. The Hamil region is the main bread-basket of the Empire.

The Emperor himself has his main living quarters in Hamil, and as such does wield tremendous power and influence over city affairs, but most of the time leaves it to the council.

The city is divided in to 10 districts:

Imperial District
High District
Capital District
Merchants District
Waterfront District
Market District
Lowlands District
Workers District
Farmers District
Beggars District



The Windswallow Family

Millhouse Family


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