Grab Bag

There are a few ways to earn draws from the mythical grab bag. One of which is to write journal entries. Every session you have the opportunity to take a draw from the bag at the beginning of the next session if you write a journal entry from the point of view of your character. This encourages you guys to be involved in the game, as well as everyone should practice creative writing on occasion. Also, at the beginning of the game, everyone who writes a backstory for their character and posts their character to the obsidian portal site will get a free draw in the first session. Do NOT reveal character secrets (if any) in either journal entries or backstories. These sorts of details should be discussed with me, and only post to the public obsidian portal board things that should be group knowledge, with limited insight from your character.

Another way to earn draws from the grab bag is to do something awesome. I know, it’s vague, but the idea here is when your character does something awesome that impacts the story in an amazing way. This could include things like bluffing someone who is reading your mind, killing a fire demon with a lake, jumping off of a building to save a baby, and then somehow walking away to tell the tale, etc. This way is a little more vague, but it I and the group thinks you did something deserving of a grab from the bag, then you will get one.

The grab bag may or may not involve an actual bag. In the hypothetical bag there are a variety of chits of various colors. Anyone who has played with either me, Seth or Adam would be familiar with these.

White – hero point
Blue – use a d30 in place of any die
Red – get a magic item whose value is <= (d100 + d100) * d20 * level
Black – Boon

Boons: for the boon gained through a black stone you have three options:

1) instantly gain level * 1000 experience points.
2) gain a permanent +1 to an ability score as if by a wish spell
3) gain a free bonus feat which you have met the prerequisites to.

Additionally, every level you gain you will earn a free hero point. For details of how hero points work look here .

Grab Bag

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