According to Draconic Mythology, the very first of the dragons willed themselves into existence. Declaring themselves the Lords of the Sky these 8 first dragons took it upon themselves to watch and protect the world beneath them. Though most of their history is lost, much of it was restored to them when the Obelisk of the Destroyers was returned to them when the city of Aki’aul was destroyed.

The dragons are also known as the Destroyers, as it is their duty to cleanse the world during a Reckoning. According to their knowledge, however, this has only happened twice before, so most dragons spend their lives just watching, studying and, of course, hoarding.

The dragons, while mostly independent of one another, do have a governing body, known as the Dragon Council. This council is made up of a group of the most powerful and ancient of the Dragons at that time. The leader of the council acts mostly as a tie-breaker, his vote is the most important if there is not a majority, and while most others in the council seek guidance from the head, the head does not wield that much more power than other members of the council.

There are 8 main varieties of Dragons, with some variation and subspecies:


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