Cera's Egg

“Wait, you and Cera?”

Nadab looked at Arwen, as if his comment somehow offended him.

“When it comes to mating, age is not considered important among my kind, unlike yours, besides, you’re one to talk, Ngaio is probably around 300 years older than you are.” He smiled, but that smile quickly disappeared behind one of Nadab’s rare serious looks.

“To the enemy, that egg you recovered is probably the single most important thing they could take from me. In Adoniram’s mind my death means the end of my kind, which I suspect is part of his plan. He knows he does not have the power to take me on by himself, however, I believe that his hope is that with enough power he can get others to gang up on me, and that they will be able to kill me.

“He hopes that I will make a mistake, and he knows that there is one thing that could possibly anger me to make such a mistake, and that is if he were to kill Cera. To his allies, the death of either Cera or Arwen means a new medium, but Adoniram is smarter than that. His purpose is to kill her to try and goad me into anger. However, if he knew of the existence of this egg… that would change his plan entirely.

“So, for that reason, you are to never mention the existence of this egg to anyone. Everything you have heard in this room is to stay in this room. Are we clear?”

Cera's Egg

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