The Age of Reason

Stubbornness is pain

So I ran into a very powerful dragon the other day. He’s probably one of the olderst beings around. He was pretty much going to kill us unless I escorted him to the holy of holys. I refused of course. And stubbornly enough I was going to get that key away from him one way or another. I ended up teleporting in to get the key and then the good dragon showed up and ported me out of there. good thing too cus I was going to die. It was painfull to touch the key but I survived.

A family matter

It’s been a while since I have written and much has happened. We caught wind about a crystal key, however, I also caught wind that my family had recently moved out of Lorentzian I felt that I should check up on them. I slipped away from the group for a little while, to check on them.

I’m glad that I found them safe. Like all Gnomes they have high spirits despite recent events. Since Noam was pulled out of school and moved to a different school. Noam decided that it would be the perfect time to go off on her own adventure. She has joined a group of mercenaries. While I must admit that I am worried about her, I know that she is happy. I hope we can keep in touch despite her movements.

Like I Said, Dragons Suck.
Blake's Journal

Selena and I met up with Arwen and I finally got rid of the bloody Ire Stone.
Thank …the Nameless? That’s a pointless thing to say. I don’t know… Thank the Great E. Whatever. Anyway… Much to do and we are quite busy, so a short entry to day.

I met Arwen and the Liaison of the Dragons.
I met the fetching Lunar Dragon who gave me the stone—Adoniram. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him about what he meant so long ago, which I kind of regret.
Selena is safe, despite being attacked at the Delver’s home base.
I finally feel useful.
Selena… If this ends in anything other than a tragedy I swear I will marry this girl. I got her a ring. For what it is worth. I don’t know how this will work out, but Arwen actually seems like a leader, and he has earned some respect from me. And he has a gun. A cool one. I have found a glimmer of hope for the future, for better or worse. When it comes down to it, I guess I have always been a soldier, and now I have something to fight for that is bigger than me or my family. I will do what I can.

Lost and Found


When I got into town I have started to notice some strange things. I have started to see ghosts. No one seems to notice them, except me. I’ll have to think about this some more. Maybe the stone is so that I can take a message from the dead to the living. Or maybe vice versa. I’m not sure…

I met the one who held me at gun point and put me into the box. It seems that she was being forced to work with these evil men.

We have had a few companions that have been missing for some time. We decided to check around town for more work. Master Celius didn’t have anything for us to do. And there’s still this thing that we have two companions that are still missing. It seems that they may not have been heading this direction after all. Call it a divine revelation or just a thought, we decided to go back to the family that helped me recover. We thought maybe there was a chance that Kestren would have decided to come to this city. We found that he wasn’t there, so we decided that we would go out looking for him.

After a long time wandering Aja told me that there was a cave up ahead. Getting a closer look at the cave it seems that there were some people that had come by there and some kind of monster. So, what do daring, brave adventurers like ourselves do? We enter the cave of course! As it turns out, that was a very bad idea. We found our comrades but two of our comrades died in the process. Or at least they should have been dead. By some random chance they are alive. It seems to me that they may have met the Wanderer. Though they don’t seem to be able to see what I see.


The thing is . . .

Mr Celus thinks he is so smart with his carefully encoded journal. But codes can be cracked and cyphers can be deciphered. It was unwize to write down sensitive information anywhere. For example, if I were to say that we got the thing from the place, there is no way that anyone reading my journal would learn very much more than they already knew. If they knew that the thing was in the place, then it wouldn’t be such a suprise that we got it. But someone who knows nothing about the thing will not have any clues about what it was or where it was. Security by obscurity.

Dragons Suck.
Blake's Journal

I died yesterday.

Not the sort of thing you write often. Or experience more than once, I’d imagine. Given recent events I don’t know what to believe anymore.

I suppose I should start with what happened.

With Blaze safely underway to Gemfall, I sought out Levrim, knowing he was in town. There was some to-do about a murdered girl and the assassination of the emperor, but having suspected he would die soon (albeit my expectation was by Celus’ hand,) I am relatively unphased by it all. After joining with them I let my shock wash over me. I needed some time to let all recent events come crashing down, and I took the opportunity while I was among tenuous allies.
Eventually I assisted with the pursuit and capture of a magic-borrowing, masochistic, (indeed suicidal) murderer who killed this girl’s sister. I don’t remember her name—odd for a detective, but I am, I think, understandably numb. Anyway, we found him, he tried to drown himself, and after some weak interrogation (as we were unprepared for it) he swallowed poison, which leaves me wondering why the brain-dead fool didn’t attempt that first rather than trying to drown himself.
Sensing darkness at work I began to snap out of my delirium, just in time to realize my decision to go and see Celus was probably not the best.
Of course he knew I was there, but I wasn’t going to confront him. If he wants the stone let him come to me. It shouldn’t be that hard for him, all-powerful as he is. WHEN he takes over as emperor… I don’ know what I will do then.

This is when the feeling started. The pervasive anger began building. I got Blaze out, but to what end? Now what? Am I any closer to respite? Do I not deserve some, or at the very least have I not earned it for those I love?

Then there was a dragon. I followed the group into the mouth of the cave wherein lay a dragon. I tried to leave, tried to get the crew to stop too late. My gut failed me. I next thought perhaps I could blend with the shadows. The breath attack Selena and I dodged narrowly stopped that idea. The fact that their friends were in the back of this cave meant we would now have to fight, so very aware that I was fighting a battle I would not have found had I kept to myself, and very aware of my lack of any heavy armor, I charged behind the beast as best as possible.

My plan to repeat my performance with the Schir proved futile, and Once behind the creature I found reaching it more difficult than I had anticipated. I tried to attack the creature, but found my blades turned aside by its armor and quick movement. I braced myself to plunge the daggers deep, and taking advantage of a moment of distraction and heroic strength, I penetrated the armor of the beast and cut it good. Unfortunately, everyone else had not been able to hurt the creature much, were passed out from injuries, or were cowering elsewhere,, leaving me to bear the full rage of the dragon. I was aware of Selena attacking out of a desperate rage, no doubt thinking me dead, (she knows better…) and then I was gone.

Getting a second chance is wonderful, but it did nothing to temper my anger.
When I returned, to find the dragon slain, I first thought to be done with it all and run.
But the anger built till I could not help but shake. I tried to think rational. Giving the stone to Celus seemed a logical choice, given his power, and save the risk of betrayal he has a greater chance of survival, meaning mine would as well. This faulty logic didn’t last long, but was replaced by increasingly mad and enraged and panic-driven plans and ideas. Here is what I attempted to write during this fit:

“There is no way she wold leave my side normally, so If I couldn’t stop her I would have to make other arrangements.
If we are successful, that will be enough. She has something to remember me by. A part of me.
Who must die? I must talk to Celus, Felix, Anyone that will listen. I am done following, and I am done being independent
there are wizards and sorcerers who could ALL benefit from not dying. I could … Gather the scryers from the message-delivery people, the mercenaries who can have a share of whatever treasure we find and by the way NOT DIE… Nailah, Betancourt, anyone with money… People from the north the survivor girl might know, request the aid of the good dragons, the delvers that want a last job, the order who are sworn to defend, any brawlers worth their weight…
families of the slain that can fight…

I have spent the last several years fighting a system that has been overwhelmingly opressive and powerful, and now am confronted with a seemingly impossible task… I might as well have been locked up with Blaze. I dont know why he didnt take the stone, why the dragon didn’t kill me, or if he will survive the night. i have stuck to shadows for years, and now the shadows are on fire
i have no choice but to try to rally those who have no hope, because either they will unite or die. The civil war is an issue, but not one I can deal with alone, and frankly I’m inclined to let them find justice, provided there is something to squabble about first.
WHY are the dragons are divided, and why they chose now to try to eliminate the world?"

Today I am much more calm, thanks much to Selena, and have decided to be more rational and less angry. I sent a letter to Betancourt saying that I rescued his daughter up north but that she was with a group of bodyguards and I couldn’t bring her back alone. For what it is worth. I told Levrim this, and I told him to tell her that I am glad she is safe, and that I will not tell her father anything that I have not already said.

I am not a leader. Not by choice anyway. And it sounds like this Arwen may have answers for me. Better yet… He may possibly have a plan.

Arwen's Journal-Air


Crewmembers to pilot an airship in daring campaign against dragons.

Job requires experience with sailing or siege engines. Skill at blacksmithing, cooking, and navigation also needed. Those interested should inquire at the Delvers office in Desya.

Must like heights.

Must heal quickly.

Levrim's Journal- 12th Session

After returning to Desya, we found the town in marginally better shape, but the Delvers themselves were practically leaderless as Jerrick had been badly hurt when the dragons hit the town. We knew that with the chaos now and what would most definitely come, the Delvers would be needed even more than ever, but who to guide us? Before we could fully answer that question, a man dressed in old-fashioned finery swaggered into the room and began ordering the Delver sub-leaders. We were at first confused, but once Theoro told us that this was Nadab in human form, we were more willing to listen to his orders.

He updated me and my companions on both the dragon and human wars and also told us of powerful relics we should be on the look-out for called Irestones. However, he also agreed to our plan to travel south and offer our services to Celus, if just to be able to keep a closer eye on the man. I spoke with my comrades until they agreed to travel south, not just to work for that snake of a man, but also in hopes that we’d find word of our two missing companions, Kestrin and Celine.

The train to Hamil was fortunately still in use, but once we arrived at the capital, we found it changed. The dragons had not done much to the city, but the entire place was being heavily patrolled by guardsmen who asked many questions and searched practically each person entering or leaving the city. We learned later that this was due to an explosion that had happened at the Imperial Palace two days ago, which had killed the Emperor himself.

How do I feel about that? While I consider myself a highlander first and an imperial citizen second, I felt some shock at this news. In this time of strife, we needed leaders, but now both Jerrick and the Emperor were no longer leading us. Would everything dissolve into chaos before this war was done?

Regardless, the guardsmen were busy searching for the bombers, Peorian rebels from the gossip on the street. We could find no leads as to our missing companions, so we went to the estate of Celus and offered our services once more. Whether or not the man had been involved in stirring up this current war, he was certainly one that would be willing to take advantage of the chaos to broaden his power. Hopefully, we’d be able to watch enough to learn of the true extent of his plans.

For now though, he told us that ‘rumors’ placed the rebels in the docks district, though he didn’t know exactly where or who they were. We decided to find Franke, a Peorian national himself, to see if he might know of something, as we knew that he at least trafficked in volatile items. However, we found him murdered in an inn with a cryptic note left on the corpse. Following a line of clues though led us to the house of one of the inn workers, Bella, who was busy trying to get out of town for fear of her life. She herself knew little about rebels, but she could tell us at least what his last ‘visitors’ had looked like.

Armed with these clues, we finally entered the docks district and began to search. Soon enough, we found a barge carrying Franke’s familiar chests and whose captain was considerably frustrated by the order that no boats leave. Soon, we found the rebels hiding amongst his crew and confronted them. We managed to capture a pair, though a goblin accomplice had escaped in the chaos. During the fight, Bella appeared and drew the rebel healer to her. Sisters apparently, as we found out later that the healer had only helped on threat of her sister’s death. Before the goblin vanished though, he slaughtered Bella, leaving her sister to mourn her instead.

Somehow during all of this, Theoro had been stuffed into one of Franke’s magical chests, but when we tried to get him out, we found it empty. Where had the gnome gone? The other chest provided us with plenty of explosives, evidence that these rebels were tied to the explosion at the palace. We turned them and their toys over to Celus, aware of the pain that awaited them, but I admit I felt more anger than pity when I last saw them.

Break them, Celus. Be you villain or not, make them pay.

The Disappearing Box Trick

“Where am I?” That was the first question I had today, and “How did I get here?” soon followed. The past few hours have passed by in a blur. I was helping my comrades figure out a murder mystery. I found the murders and was engaged in a light conversation with them, when I saw the person who was murdered. What?! I thought he was dead. I vocalized my surprise at seeing him, that was a mistake. I was talking with his murders. They took me into the back room at gunpoint, and questioned me. Of course, they didn’t get anything out of me. They believed everything I said. Well, that at least kept me alive. They decided to tie me up and put me in a box. It was going to be easy to break out. Once I got out, I pushed open the box and found myself somewhere else entirely. I climbed out to explore and the box disappeared. Now I was in a pickle. I had a conversation with a bodiless voice. It wasn’t very helpful, but it did tell me how to get out. I spent hours walking and came up to a river. It proved to be really hard to cross. I almost died. I came up to another river and was too tired to continue. I fell asleep and found myself in a dream with some kind of spirit. He told me I was dying, but that he could send me back to my body, but I would have to do something for him. I chose to live. When I woke up I was here. A nice man with a lovely daughter helped me out. Apparently they carried me from where I was to their humble home. They were very kind to me. They assisted me to get a train ride back to Hamil.

Cloudy with a Chance of Dragons!


I want you to know that I am safe.

As you may know, dragons are attacking. We were in Mistvale when they first attacked. We awoke early in the morning with the sky filled with dragons. the dragons seem to be caught up in a type of civil war. Dragons of all sizes were flying around. I don’t know their motives. It makes me sad to think that the dragons are fighting. I am also scared because this doesn’t bode well for us. My small group of adventures feel that we have an idea how we can stop all this, but we aren’t strong enough yet. Hopefully we can help as we raise our strength to take on this war.



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