The Age of Reason

FWP: My Horse is Better at Combat than Me
E - Session 2

I fear I have fallen in with petty thieves. Forrest, the irritating archer, was caught trying to slip a few coins out of someone’s purse. In my opinion, it would have been better to allow justice take its course, and have him end up in jail for his crime, or perhaps to lose a few of those sticky fingers. But instead, the guards were persuaded to condone the pickpocket by Arthur (though not until after Arwen tried and failed to do that same thing).

Later, a ring slipped off of a some old woman’s finger and stuck to the box that SooYoung was carrying. Arwen returned it willingly, though I doubt he would have done so had he thought there was nothing to gain from it. Forrest, on the other hand, was irate that the magic ring had been returned at all. I suspect money is the only thing that man thinks about. Arwen is a bit less narrow-minded; he thinks of money as well as himself. I haven’t decided what to make of the Halfling. His intentions may be good, but such could be said of anyone. SooYoung is the only trustworthy one here, aside from me. But of course, I must remain at least 15 feet from her if I’m to prevent anything from happening to my scrolls and Greg. The other who was to be in our group is off on another mission and is to meet up with us a few days from now.

To recap: I work for a fool, my colleagues are robbers or idiots, and I’m supposed to help in a very combat-oriented mission despite my complete lack of any combat experience or even training.

We reached our destination safely – thieving idiot included – and proceeded to receive instructions on our assignment. It was a stealth mission of sorts; we were to sneak through the forest to ascertain the magnitude of the hobgoblin threat – how many there were, where, how they were armed, and whatever other useful information we could. Apparently, help could not be requested unless the threat had been analyzed in this manner. So yet again, we are working, essentially, for fools. If scouting parties had been sent before and had been unable to return, it is safe to say that the forest is not safe. In particular, it is not safe for scouting parties. Which is what we’re supposed to be. And I seem to be the only one with sufficient intelligence to realize these alarming trends.

Arwen’s lover gave us a place to stay, not realizing that he was just taking advantage of her. Arthur had, at some point, received a message from some entity in the woods – a dryad that was apparently struggling to fight against the hobgoblins. It wasn’t long before we got a preview of what was to come.

There were hobgoblins in the street, along with some smaller goblins and rodents of particularly unusual size. How did they get into the city without anyone noticing? Why weren’t town guards there before us? These are good questions. Why is a researcher on a scouting mission? Why is the person who recently had contact with a dragon not pursuing that odd event to learn more? Why isn’t the person who was able to translate the writing on the obelisk doing something about that information? There are no intelligible answers to any of these questions, truth be told. I’m hoping I can request a transfer or something soon, otherwise I would have already severed all ties with this silly mercenary company. It’s a paycheck, sure, but I’d rather the source of my money be less flawed in its mental capacity. Call me picky. It’s not like I’m strapped for cash, anyhow.

Arthur was already outside and firing that crossbow of his. Arwen and Forrest stepped outside as well, using their bows with fair effectiveness. SooYoung charged into the group of enemies, indicating that her lack of knowledge of technology may have been more of… how to put this delicately… an indication of a more universal lack of knowledge. Essentially, the child is stupid. Bless her heart. At least she’s fairly skilled at flailing her fists menacingly and convincing enemies to attack her instead of the rest of us. It is very much appreciated.

Forrest took a rather nasty cut across his everything and began bleeding profusely, though he remained on his feet. He attempted to retreat a short ways while continuing to fire his bow at the enemy, which was perhaps his only viable option given the situation. I did what I could to support our less mentally gifted associate by summoning a beast of similar intellectual capacity to act as a shield. I suspect I prevented her death by doing that, as the horse I summoned was barely able to survive the hits that it received, and SooYoung was fairly beaten and bloody without the extra sword to the torso.

I will mention that I managed a perfect head-shot during this fight. Total fluke? Absolutely. I was actually taking it out to toss to the Halfling so that he could use it, but accidentally pulled the trigger in the process. Am I going to boast that I outperformed the archers? Again, absolutely I am.

I spent some time in the library in an attempt to compensate for precious lost research time. Their library, though, had very little to offer. However, in my wanderings around the town, I was able to procure some interesting information. There are rumors of particularly juicy apples that grow on the trees near Veleth and Mistvale. I must still, of course, verify this information, but I suspect I could use these to make rather delectable pies. I wrote Traigo immediately regarding this find, so that he, a fellow pie-fan, could relish in the sweet, delicious good news. Perhaps he will accompany should I ever go apple-picking there. He’s a better cook than I, after all, and more experienced as well. He can also eat a fair deal more than I can… on second thought, perhaps I shouldn’t bring him…

Today was the day to fight hobgoblins. Hurray! I know I’ve written this down somewhere before, but I am definitely not a combat wizard of any sort. I conjure a horse to ride, grease to cook with, mist if the sun is too much for my umbrella… sure, there are many things I can do with magic. What I can’t do, however, is slaughter random hobgoblins or hoards of kobolds as I have been expected to do lately. I do not throw fireballs or random beams of energy. That is hardly in line with my current research.

So, one long walk through the shady woodlands later, we enter a serene grove with a great tree in its center. The tree was guarded by several wolves and a wolf-man-thing. Arwen and Forrest climbed some trees to snipe the hobgoblins and such, while I remained with Big and Scratch (two of Arwen’s latest love interests).

I must have an aside at this point. Arwen is definitely the sort of person that uses flirtation and flattery to get what he wants or needs. Therefore, I hereby dub him Flirt, and thusly I shall refer to him henceforth.

While my current comrades fought on the outskirts of the grove, I rushed inward to cast my magic from alongside the dryad. My faithful horse had its fair share of combat and managed to deal some significant damage to a few foes. My horse, ironically, is more of a seasoned veteran in combat than I am. Maybe I’ll teach it how to work a crossbow and let him hang onto it from now on.

So my comrades and my horse killed the hobgoblins, the small goblins, and the unusually large rodents. We gave our report so that the idiots in charge could finally do their job instead of making us do it. I wonder if they have a position open for advisors or other people of intelligence… I assume not. I imagine any such position has been filled already by a trained ape – specifically, one that hasn’t actually been trained.

Official Log: Entry 1027

11th of Quarenmar:

Might give her a few days, but I think that Telerden is right. I really need to hire a secretary. My desk has gotten so piled up with requests, jobs, etc over the past few weeks. Makes sense, though, I haven’t sent anyone out on jobs lately, wanted to keep as many people on hand as possible in case Malek ever got over his pride and requested for aide with the missing children.

Anyways, few days ago in the morning a woman was screaming in the square. Caught my attention as well as the attention of some of my men. Also, caught the attention of some other do-gooders. A bunch of people followed her to her house, which was recently burned. The creatures had killed her husband, taken her daughter, and destroyed her home. I offered to take her in, let her stay at the bunkhouse. I sent the group off to pursue after the tracks that were found at the scene, not realizing what they were really up against.

Let me go on official record as to why. It didn’t fit the pattern. All the previous kidnappings had been late at night, and had not been nearly so… messy. I was positive that this could not be the same group… Anyways, yesterday the group I sent arrive back in town again, with the woman’s (Helen, it turns out is her name) daughter Michaela, as well as more children and a couple of Kobolds. Of all things! Kobolds! I would not have seen that coming.

Malek was furious, which made me somewhat giddy inside. At first he insisted there would be no payment, but I pulled him aside and humbled him a bit. He consented to pay my men (oh, and women.)

Finally I can start getting to this massive collection of jobs. The group came back with an interesting account, sent a few of them (I think including the one who brought it up) to talk with my man Felix in Hamil, see what they can find out. Also, Felix gave me word of some other jobs out there. Sent the other group to deal with a scouting request from Roran.

Now, I think it’s time to offer Helen a job and a place to stay. The heavens know she’s been through Hell the past few days. She could use the income.

A strange day

I still have no Idea why I was awake that night: may be I was too tired to go to bed, or still wanted to drink some more whisky. Anyhow, when that lady screamed, I,of course, knew exactly what to do, which was to go and help her!
She,as it often happens, was screaming for a reason : she had a LOT of problems…starting with her house burning down to her daughter getting kidnapped.
And of course, there was no go without my amazing tracking skills, which led us out of town (after I had breakfast! ) .. speaking of US, I’m hanging out with a bunch of strange folk that (with the exception of E) can all use stealth,just like me…I dont know whether that’s good or not.. I don’t like having to watch my back constantly.
Anyhow… we followed the tracks and found kobolds! oh yeah, so picture that! (my great moment of glory) : I walk out ,and one of my comrades puts 3 out of 4 watchmen to sleep….and what happens to the 4th one? He (it) gets NAILED to the wall with my amazing shot! oh yeah, speak of class! :)
yeah, the rest was kind of boring.. we killed all the kobolds in the cave (there was a cave,too) ,rescued the kidnapped kids and got some gold ( the amount of which I still expect to increase as we sell of the stuff that we got from looting those thieves) . It’s time to go to bed.

The Rescue (Theoro)


It worked! I have finally mastered the water drop prank. I left the bucket on top of the door in the wash room and squeezed through the window. Later I found one of my fellow group members was partially wet. I asked him why he was wet and he said that he went into the wash room and a bucket fell on him filled with water! It took all of my focus and concentration to keep from laughing. I don’t think he knows it was me.

I am back in the city of Desya where I first met Aja. It took some persuading but Aja decided to stay here with me for now. Though I don’t blame her for wanting to leave. I wouldn’t want to stay in a place where I was enslaved.

I have been aware of several children that have been missing. However, there was never any signs or clues as to where they children were taken. The local militia didn’t seem to take the situation very serious. Indeed, this is a serious problem here in Desya. The local militia seem to be lazy and prideful. The most lazy and prideful is, of course, their leader. This attitude and apparent lack of interest in the lost children make me upset.

Aja and I have tried to find the trail of the captors but it was too hard for us to follow and we would soon loose the trail.

This morning a lady was screaming in panic about her lost child. It’s no surprise to me that when this happened the Delvers jumped on the opportunity. When children are involved the entire city has a duty to take action. Whether part of the Delvers or not I felt a moral obligation to help the town recover their children. The money that could be gained is just a bonus.

We quickly gathered together a large group of people to go investigate. The captors seem to have not been able to cover their tracks as well as previous times, because we were able to follow the tracks. One in our group that carried a bow and had keen eyes showed us the tracks. Night came and we continued to track down the captors. We decided to split up and send a party forward to track. Naturally Aja and I went with the quiet group. The group of big blundering giants would have woken up every animal within miles around.

We found a cave with four kobalds guarding the entrance. This we found out later is where the children were taken. I thought that we were going to wait for the group to catch up, but one in the party felt that we should risk our lives and just attack. I saw him knock an arrow into his bow. I stopped him from attacking just long enough to explain that he should let me cast a spell to help us get into the cave without raising the alarm. I cast a spell to make the guards fall asleep. Three of the four kobalds fell asleep. This seemed to alert the remaining guard of our presence and the bowman shot the last guard killing him instantly. The group caught up with us and we finished off the guards, no need having them wake up while we are in the cave.

At this point the rest of our large group caught up with us. And one of the humans charged straight into the cave. So much for being stealthy. This human seems to be as stupid as he is tall. Surprisingly, as it turned out he didn’t die. In the cave we found a large group of kobalds. We all fought and I made four more kobalds fall asleep. It is really funny to watch as your ugly opponent’s face which is filled with determination to slit your throat slip into a dreamy stupor.

After defeating our foes in this room we rushed into the next chamber to find a group of kobalds in the other room with several children in cages and one on the alter. I don’t know why but they decided to give up. I guess it’s because of our sheer size. We released the children from the cages, and bound the remaining kobalds together.

One in our group touched the back wall which had writing on it. I decided to cast a spell to detect the magic in the room to see if there is anything of major value to the group. However, after casting this spell I was blinded by the back wall, and fell unconscious. The one who touched it says that he was pulled into a vision with a dragon. I must go back sometime to see what that was…

When I regained consciousness the group had taken me out of the cave and we were already on our way back. When we got to the town we found the local militia gathered together and ready to leave the city to look for the lost children. Imagine their faces when we came walking into town most of the lost children and a bunch of kobolds tied together. The leader of the local militia was angry. Why he was angry I don’t know, because we just did his job for him. Now he could continue being lazy. I just told him that he was too slow. I guess I shouldn’t expect any better from a town that sells slaves as “pets”.

Noam, you know that in our town if anything like this were to happen the town guards would be gathered together and on the case within an hour. Instead of taking about 24 hours to gather together…

Anyways, I am going to the capitol city with a small group of those that helped free the children. I am curious after I saw one of the members in my group board a train to the capitol, and then I entered the bar and saw him in there. He says that he doesn’t have a twin. I’d like to find out what this is about.

I love you Noam.

Suddenly, I'm Employed

I’m not sure that I like Desya. Everything happens so fast here. This morning I was retrieving the last earth possessions of my mother, the before I knew it I was being hired to rescue children. It was a new experience for me to work together with so many people. Working with Ngaio was different. Anything we did together she could have done better one her own. I was never sure if she was teaching me, or if she just enjoyed watching me struggle. My position in our group today was much more active. I found the trail of the kidnappers after we lost it over the river when no one else could. It’s good to be a part of something.

I lost two bolts in the cave, but then we got paid 50g each! If we get paid like this on a regular basis, I wont have to worry about counting my bolts so carefully. I’ve been assigned a bed to sleep in, and another for job tomorrow. I’d say things are definitely looking up.

E's FWPs (Famous Wizard Problems)

Some distraught lady started making a ruckus in the town square yesterday morning. From the window of my shop I could see her begging at the feet of a dwarf, one of the Delvers. I had never bothered to find out his name up to that point, but I had seen him once or twice in the town. At least I think it was him. That aside, I had a feeling something big was going to go down today, so clearly I would need a good, healthy breakfast to keep up my strength and mental vigor.

Normally I would have expected to come across the lady and the Delver while out shopping, but I was moving at an unusually slow pace this morning. It took no less than ten minutes to lock my front door. Ten minutes! I may have to research some sort of spell to cure myself if this keeps up. But I was able to purchase some apples, eggs, and bread for a delicious breakfast that would prove to be very crucial. I also had some items for lunch later in the day.

Forrest, the odd fellow who rents out a space in my shop to sell his bows – well, bow – demanded that I come with him to rescue some child. Specifically, it was the distraught woman’s daughter that had been kidnapped. I asked about the payment, and he told me there would be none, and reminded me that there was a little girl being held captive somewhere.

Pretending I expected payment, I went along with him and a hoard of others that seemed hell-bent on rescuing this child. There were quite a few, so I will attempt to name and describe each of them, though I would prefer not to waste my mind on such trivial matters when I’ve research to do.

There was a stout, bearded fellow named Levrim. He had several flasks and a plethora of chemicals. I suspect he could make a mean milkshake if someone requested it.

There was one of the Delvers. That sort of describes him perfectly, actually; no more needs to be said. But his name was Kenshin.

There was a blue gnome. I’m not sure I want to know why his skin is blue. His name is Theoro, and I believe his favorite pass-time is talking too much.

There was the dwarf that I mentioned earlier. Telerden is his name, not that it matters.

There was the bartender from the Regal Gnome, Arwen. I’ve met him a few times, but never bothered to chat with him. He does, however, know that I only drink virgin daiquiris when I go to the tavern – which isn’t very often.

There was yet another Delver named Raniel. I swear, there’s too many of these things.

There was a woman who had only just arrived in town. Her name, as I recall, was Celine. She had a supernatural grace when she walked. I’m surprised she didn’t need to rest after a day of travelling.

There was a summoner with us. His name was Kestren, and his eidolon, a very muscular woman, was named Kasana. I’m not sure I want to know the entire story behind that.

There was a Halfling with a crossbow. His name is Arthur. If the crossbow has a name, I have not yet heard it.

There was Forrest, the annoying renter.

There then there was also a crazy lady who looks to be able to punch a man’s head off his shoulders. SooYoung, I think her name was. I don’t think she’s from around here, either.

And of course I was there. Hence I’m writing all this.

We followed Forrest and Arthur, who were quite skilled at finding the tracks left by captors of the little girl. Night eventually came, but we continued onward, being that time was of the essence. A scout party went on ahead and found the lair of some kobolds, which, as it turns out, were the kidnappers we were searching for. They dispatched them easily, but the ones inside saw. A few of us rushed in immediately, myself included, though I didn’t rush so far in that I could be surrounded. I’m a bit too intelligent to make such a stupid move. That can’t be said of everyone that was in the band, apparently, because Raniel charged for the leader without any regard for his safety. Some may call that bravery, but I think the more appropriate term is foolishness. Or perhaps suicide. Annoying is another word that comes to mind. I could go on.

I conjured a horse to have it assist the idiot of the group, while the rest of us tried to hold back a heavy onslaught of kobolds. Forrest, Arwen, and Arthur used their bows and crossbow to dispatch what looked to be the priests of their tiny army. SooYoung rushed in and punched things. I’m guessing she’s new to the concept of technology. We’ll have to introduce her slowly, perhaps starting with the wheel and eventually explaining fire. Bless her heart.

Theoro was quite useful, using magic to put several of them to sleep. His timing couldn’t have been better, as Levrim, the fellow with the chemicals, had just been forced down to the ground by one of the kobold priests. That almost sounded like he was about to be raped… which, in a way of speaking, might have been the case. Just not raped in the traditional sense, more in the sense of several spears and/or swords would have been creating new holes in his body. But, despite him being somewhat out of the fight at that point, I think he had already done his part by showering us with some chemical that was intended to make us better in a fight. I’m a little worried that these odd liquids of his are actually horse piss or monkey vomit.

There were no children in this room, however, and I could see a room further down in the cave. Fearing that something unfortunate would be happening in the near future, I ran through an opening made by SooYoung and rushed toward the back. It was around this time that the kobolds we had been fighting finally surrendered. Those in the next room also surrendered, and Raniel and I immediately began releasing the children from their cages. Had we been any later, the one on the altar would have probably been killed already.

The kobolds insisted that they were doing this for Tetri, prophesied our doom, stank up the room with their disgusting, reptilian bodies, shamed sentient life around the planet with their lack of intelligence, etc. I look forward to the day of their execution. Though, I will mention that if it is true that it was for Tetri, Demivra may be partly to blame – not that she could have foreseen such a ridiculous cult.

There was an obelisk in the room, which Theoro tried to identify with magic. He fell
unconscious. Arwen touched the obelisk and apparently saw some strange writing. I touched it so as to translate. He shortly thereafter fell unconscious. I did not fall unconscious, because I am not a pansy. He apparently had a nice conversation with a dragon named Sarah. Did I mention he works at a bar selling the most intoxicating drinks known to man?

Greg had to exclaim his disappointment that I was rescuing children. I imagine there are several reasons that he failed to become a lich, but this is one of many times that I am reminded that lack of vision is one of them.

We didn’t get paid, unsurprisingly. Well, not at first. Somehow, however, we all ended up as mercenaries with the Delvers, which was quite irregular. Even more irregular, however, was that we were given more assignments to fulfill. Furthermore, we have been divided into two teams, each team pursuing different jobs. I am with Telerden, Arwen, Forrest, Arthur, and SooYoung.

I’ll take a moment to mention some observations. First, these people were all able to go with the scout team because they were quite capable of sneaking around. I am a blatant exception, thereby ruining any chance they had of performing stealth missions. Second, all of them have obviously been trained to fight – or at the very least, have had some sort of practice. Telerden was already a Delver, so I don’t even have to mention his several weapons and that I did see him use them a bit. Arwen is one of few people left that is still skilled with a bow, and he can shoot that bow of his with uncanny speed and accuracy. Forrest isn’t as quick as Arwen, but has the deadlier shot of the two. Arthur uses a crossbow. SooYoung, though not well-versed in modern developments from the last year or two or three or one thousand, knows how to take things out of the action. I am an academic. I do research. The other group is apparently off on, essentially, a research mission; a mission where intelligence is key. I am probably the least combat-trained of the twelve of us there were. Theoro and Levrim are the only others that might be similarly inexperienced, though I can’t be certain. I am also one of the few that is well-adjusted to research, and have frequently spent hours on end researching one topic. Of the people I met, Levrim is the only other who might be so keen on research, though he would probably research stuff more in line with his field. So rather than do what I’m good at, I will be with the group that fights hobgoblins, and I’ll probably get in the way. I can’t help but doubt the competence of the person that divided us in this manner. Perhaps there is method behind the madness… or perhaps I’m just not matched up very well with the others in my team.

Levrim's Journal- 1st Session

Yueh had told me he was coming through town that day, but little did I know what I’d come across. It was chilly and train after train came and went with no sign of my mentor. Perhaps he thought it a test of my patience to make me wait for him in the cold, but either way, it meant that when a woman, sobbing and clad in only a blood-stained night robe, came to the square wailing for help, I heard her. She was directly her pleas to a trio of Delvers, but many people in the square, like me, were listening in as she frantically spoke of an attack on her home, which had left her house burned, her husband dead and her daughter missing, possibly kidnapped.

I had heard talk of small children going missing lately, but never had I come across one directly involved, nor heard of one that had happened so recently. I could only fume at the thought of such an act happening here in Desya, and all of us, the Guard most of all, so unaware and therefore powerless before it. Also, the thought of what the girl must be thinking if she were still alive made my blood boil. Fortunately, the train carrying Yueh arrived while she spoke with the Delvers and he, noting my attention on the spectacle before us, kept his greeting brief and instead bid me do what I felt I must.

I’m glad that he gave me that leave, as the woman was leading the Delvers back to her house. I, along with many others from the square, followed and began to examine the smoldering wreck her home had become. It was as she had said- a man’s corpse lay in the ruin, but he had not died by the fire. Instead, cruel slashes covered his torso. Whatever killed him was not quick and I could only assume the killer or killers either toyed with him or he had put up a fight, possibly to protect his daughter. Poor man, but such a noble act gave me heart. While the Delvers and some of the other onlookers discussed following tracks they found leading from the house into the nearby woods, I quickly went to my rented room and retrieved my gear, armor and hammer. We then set out, an impromptu but motivated rescue party.

Though we set out early that morning, the tracks led us so far from Desya that we were forced to march that entire day and through the night until at dawn, we came to a cave set into the foot of a mountain. Some of those skilled at woodlore slipped ahead, finding and defeating the few kobold guards keeping watch at the entrance. So quick were they that none of the guards even seemed to know what was happening or to have a chance to sound an alarm.

As the rest of us came near, we could hear voices echoing in unison inside the cave, calling for blood and death. Not all of us seemed to understand the tongue they were using, but one of us seemed to know all too well what they meant and rushed into the cave, blades out and a wild look on his face. We followed quickly and found this first part of the cave full of kobolds, chanting and leaping in some ceremony. However, at seeing us rush forward for battle, they attacked. Such confusion, such chaos. I knew that battle, true battle, would be like this, but knowing and experiencing it are two different things. However, I did what I could, placing myself before those of our rescue party that were less armored as me. I mixed liquids with salts, slinging them about to aid us in the fight, reciting the formulae, the key to it all, in a strange sing-song voice that Yueh had taught me. Only in this voice does my tongue loosen and my voice can be heard as a normal man.

It was bloody, it was frightening, it was thrilling, but most of all, it was fast. The kobolds either lay dead at our feet or had yielded. We quickly pushed deeper into the cave, and stopped aghast at seeing a strange altar set up before an ancient obelisk. On the altar was a small boy and around him kobolds in ceremonial dress chanted and stepped close, dagger at the ready. With a sudden shout, one of our number stepped forward and demanded that they halt and surrender. Either his thunderous voice in that instant convinced them or our sheer numbers did, but either way, they laid down their weapons and didn’t harm the boy. We found other children, terrified but alive, and I did what I could to calm their sobbing and convince them that this nightmare had passed. Others spoke with the kobolds we took prisoner. The beasts spat out threats and one went so far as stating that Tetri, their god, would punish us for stopping their ritual.

The slaughter of these children.

I longed to take that one’s head off. Wanted it with a passion that surprised me. Yueh had warned me that my temper often got the best of me, but this anger felt different. It felt… appropriate. However, I made no move against the beasts, even when most of us turned our attention to the obelisk. They examined it, but could only find it to be a thing of ages long gone and best left untouched. We left, taking the children back to their worried families and bringing the kobolds back for proper punishment.

At Desya, the leader of the Delvers congratulated us on our quick and effective response. He then offered us all jobs, errands that we could do that he felt were needed. Though since leaving home I had been busying myself using my salves at the local hospital, this was possibly the first time in Desya I had felt needed, so I gladly accepted.

Now to see where this path will lead me.

Who am I

I’ve been living with the Millhouse family for several months now. I feel much better than when I arrived on that day. Although I can not remember anything of my life before or who I was I am left with a feeling that there is something urgent that I am supposed to do. I have been having these nightmares of places I do not know. I can not even describe them other than the fear that they bring into my heart. I can’t help but wonder if I am putting these good people at risk by staying with them. I feel like I am a good person but I don’t know what situations I may be following me from my past. If any harm were to come to this family for the help they have given me, I would feel eternaly responsible.


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