The Age of Reason

The Curse



I wish you could have been here. I am in the middle of an awesome adventure. I went to the docks and as I was sneaking up to the ship Felix showed up. He had these really cool enchanted puppeteer strings. He could control the dock workers. It is pretty awesome. He later gave me one in exchange for me to take some magical boots to a friend of his in Dinu. Since, my group of explores were already going there it was an easy bargain. I figured I could wear them around until then. A bad idea as it turns out. Anyway, back to the docks. I opened one of the chests and it was filled with gold. I took some out and showed it to Felix for him to identify. He said that it was gold. So I opened the next one. It only contained gold. I took a small vial of it to show my companions proof of my tale. It appears that my friend was misinformed about Celius. I was really lucky, as I often am, because just after we got off the boat the ship inspectors came to put a paper seal on the crates.

After recounting my experience to my companions we went to the docks to relieve the previous hired hands. We were told that these men might retaliate. I figured that they wouldn’t attack a messenger since it could get back to Celius and that could be bad for them. However, I was wrong. I confronted them and they attacked. Unfortunately, I was standing right next to them when they decided to attack. And even more unfortunate when they hit me the boots that I was wearing(from Felix) started to force me to dance. All I could do was dance with a shocked expression on my face. But once again luck shined on me. Even though the men were in-front of me they didn’t attack. They reacted just like I would have, they laughed! As you might imagine the shoes are cursed. And guess what? They don’t come off. That’s just annoying! Well, it was a rough battle, and we were aided by an unseen friend, but we won and the living men were taken into custody.

We sailed the next morning for Dinu. One of the nights we were attacked by boars. But other than that the adventure passed without much excitement. And we arrived in Dinu.


We're coppers now

After staking out the eice house for several days, we had learned basically nothing. So we went inside and busted some heads. We found who we were looking for and he told us what we needed to know. We probably should have started with busting heads. SooYoung had the write idea, it seems.

Directly after we got the name of our next target, Mr. Fancy Butler appeared and gave us paperwork that gives us permission to do what we’ve been doing anyway as long as we do it in the write place. The right place, it seems, is a laundry service. Mr. Butler’s appearance was very convenient. He had our permission slip before we asked for it. Has he been watching us? Has he known what we would find out from the beginning? Maybe we should bust his head and find out what he knows.

Also, there’s a drugged up holy man who is working with us. He made a nice crossbow for me.

What is waiting for us?

So I wonder what will be at the end of this trip. We’ve been on the river for a few days now, and it’s been pretty fun. It seems the cargo is something more than it seems. If only I could get another look at it I’m pretty sure I could figure it out. Celine disappeared on us without saying a thing. I wonder how she’s getting along. I’ve shared my past with two of our group but I still hesitate to talk to Raniel because he doesn’t seem like the kind of person who could keep a secret if needed. I had some good bacon the other day. We were attacked by wild bores. I have to admit if found that kind of fun.

Arwen's Journal-Drugs

The world of politics is an interesting place. What’s right and wrong is open to interpretation (not just because people have strange priorities, but literally I’ve seen evil people fight crime and good men back gangs in hopes that the end result would eventually serve their goals,) and so any and all desires to do what’s right needs to be filtered through many views, and sometimes you have to just hope for the best.

Like the situation now. We’ve been hired to stop a drug ring, but the man doing the hiring is just so… sketchy. I know that somehow this will come around horribly, but if he’s paying so well, it’s at least immediately benefitial to the city, and there’s no evidence that how it will come back to benefit him will be bad for others, can I really try and play ‘moral compass’ on him just because I know he’d slit the throat of his own mother to get ahead in life?

It’s just a strange place to be. I questioned his servants and learned nothing, so… we just went ahead.

After a few days scoping out the eice house, we decided to pay it a visit. I had this brilliant plan to make the owner mad, to give Soo Yong a chance to show off her fighting prowess to get herself in with the organization, but in the end it just turned into a bar fight (maybe I didn’t think the plan through enough when we started,) but in the end it worked out alright. We made out with thousands of gold (that’s right, I said thousands) in pawnable equipment, and the name and location of the head of the eice ring.

Since our attempts at subdlety didn’t work, I think we’ll use a new approach which has been approved by the governing force of the market district: infiltrate to make sure the leader’s in the eice house, then bomb the building into oblivion.

I like this plan. This is a good plan.

Levrim's Journal- 5th Session

I met up with those of my colleagues that I could find and told them about the vile nature of the cargo we had been asked to deal with. Raniel, though he was hesitant at first to believe that of our current employer, quickly agreed and he and I began speaking with Kestrin about how we could get out of this tricky situation without angering Lord Celus or giving in to his vile demands. While we discussed this, we didn’t notice Theoro slip away, but he was soon back, wearing a new pair of boots and with a smug look on his face. He told us that he had slipped onto Franke’s boat and had examined the cargo personally, which he assured me was nothing more than unrefined gold ore. He even gave me a small amount of it that he had been able to bring, and after I examined it with some of my salts and potent liquids, I had to agree that it seemed legit.

Perhaps the man at the docks had simply lied to me, hoping to make money from my paranoia. The thought makes me even now want to try to find that man and beat some sense of honesty into him, but our time to meet up with Franke was drawing near. We decided to continue with the job, but I was going to keep a close watch on Franke and his goods as best I could.

While we gathered up our gear, Kestrin pulled me aside and, having judged me trustworthy, confided in me that he had no memory of his homeland or anything from his life before a few months ago. Though the sound of it was bizarre, his voice rang true and I could only reassure him that I’d do what I could to try to help him rediscover what he might have once been.

Additionally, Celine was missing. The innkeep told us that she had left mere hours earlier, sometime after getting back from our meeting at Lord Celus’ estate, but had then left in the direction of the train station. None of us knew what to make of her sudden departure and we could only assume that she had grown weary of risking her life for mere gain.

We then went to the Harbour district of Hamil, a mass of docks, warehouses and smelly taverns brimming with sailors from every part of the empire. There, we soon found Franke worriedly pacing the deck of his river barge and nervously eying some burly men sitting on the wharf. We introduced ourselves and, after learning that the burly men were the ones that we were to confront, we moved towards them. Theoro stepped forward and cheerfully, though bluntly stated that their services were no longer needed. I hoped, I prayed that these men would go their way with little more than foul words and wounded pride, but unfortunately they lashed out at us, intent on ‘blooding us up a bit to show us what was what’.

We fought them, trying to reason with them between blows, but they were brutes with little sense. Many times they struck me hard enough to cause my vision to blur, sometimes making me lose my footing, but Raniel slipped me potions until I could bring my own power to bear. Through this all, Theoro danced in place, an alarmed look on his face. I had noticed before that his new boots were imbued with some magic power, but they now appeared to be faulty. The fight was brutal and these dock workers would have overwhelmed us, but some invisible ally slashed out at one of them, distracting him from us long enough for us to subdue his allies. Who this invisible helper might have been, I don’t know. Once the battle was over, we found no trace of him. I put him out of my mind as I tended to the wounds of the workers that still drew breath, and the guard came shortly afterwards and carted the injured workers off to whatever prison they use for such a large city.

After resting that night, we left early in the morning with Franke and rode in his river barge as we headed down the river. Days passed with little to break the monotony, but I kept an eye on both Franke and the chests holding the special cargo. I couldn’t detect any trace of magic on the chests, but Kestrin told me that he had found complex enchantments on the chests. That combined with Franke’s nervousness made me more suspicious as time went on, but I couldn’t find any proof that this cargo was anything sinister. All I had was my nagging suspicion.

And, with that feeling looming over me, we arrived at our destination, Dinu.

Excerpt from one of Telerden's letters

…and it made me finally figure out why humans think that way about drinking.

It’s like this:

We will go out with our friends and family to drink in communal areas and socialize, while those of us who have been too depressed by the violent decades of the past will drink alone at home. Humans, being socially backwards, do the opposite. When they want to drink together they will host elaborate parties for relatives and business partners in their own homes. When they want to drink alone, they’ll go find a public tavern to be surrounded by strangers.

On a related note, I was pleasantly surprised this morning to wake up with my first hangover in three decades. Please oh please, mother, send me some more liquor from home…

Big City

We got to hang out in the city today. There are so many things in the city. Especially sounds. There’s always horses and people yelling. One of the strange things in the city this time was E. The Great E had a coffin full of apples. He let me have an apple. It was a fine apple. Doesn’t seem worth all the trouble that E put into getting them.

Vanja convinced me to go out and eat dinner at a restaurant. At first I was not comfortable having people bring me food, but Vanja stopped me from going to get it from the kitchen myself. Apparently that “is not done.” I don’t know if I care for restaurants. They bring you food and you never get a chance to see how it was prepared. That’s more trust than I like putting in a person who I have never met. It seemed to work out alright, though.

I keep Taure-Raw in the apartment when I’m not working with her. It’s a pretty large room, but she seems to dislike being enclosed. She’s destroyed almost all of the pillows while we were out. I’ve hidden several in a chest with a latch so that we have some to sleep on. I’m hoping that since the room whole room was drawn on the wall with chalk I won’t have to pay for the destroyed pillows. I think I’ll be able to trust her to stay me when we go out soon, that will be easier. She’s such a fluffy kitty.

SooYoung found a lead on an eice house. We’re going to go check it out. I guess we’re police men too now.

Arwen's Journal-Shaligh

Arwen’s journal

Dear journal. This week we went down to visit Felix the Gnome, who we were told might be able to disenchant our evil gemstones. He said he could. We were also contacted about doing a job for a politician that involved hunting down some ice huts.

Now to the important things. I found a thief with sorcerous tattoos (I think) who knows Shaligh. Yes, that’s right: a real lead on Shaligh. Apparently, this young woman learned thievery and disguise from Shaligh, which I don’t find surprising.

I’m worried about myself. For years, I hated her; I’ve dreamed about destroying her, and those were some of my favorite dreams. So why does the thought of seeing her again make it hard to breath? I keep finding myself remembering the smell of her hair and aching to touch her again. And I think I hate her more for this hold she still has on me than for what she actually did in the first place.

This is my problem: I don’t know what I’m going to do when I see her again. I don’t know if I want to kill her or kiss her. Maybe that will depend on what she does when she sees me. I know to her it will depend on how much power I wield when we meet.

But maybe I won’t even give her that chance until I’ve followed her and learned more about her; she lived so many lies when she was with me I doubt everything i thought i knew about her. I can’t decide if she’s a con artist, or just a gold digger. I can’t decide if she was heartless or just secretive.

I will chase her to the end of the world, but will I devastate her world, or win her back?

Perhaps both?

Not Again!

Theoro Session 4


We were asked to go under the lake again! I can’t believe it! I was reluctant to go. But I swallowed my fear and went. Our job was to find another object. I don’t know what it is, but it was big. On our way a trap door opened up under one of my companions. Luckily he didn’t fall in. However, we found a ladder that led down the pit and we heard some ticking like we had heard from our last visit. I didn’t explain this before, but that is the sound these creatures make. I went down first. About halfway down there was a break in the ladder, which made me almost fall. The ladder continued about 10 feet below the break. That fall would likely have killed me. One of my companions helped me up. When I started to climb back up to the top my hands slipped and I fell. I ended up grabbing the top rung in the lower section of the ladder. I didn’t die, but I was scared. I got to the bottom of the ladder and I slipped again. This time I fell to the ground. It hurt, but once again I was still alive.

When the rest of the group caught up with me we entered another room and found more of those crazy robot things. We fought them off and found the item we cam for. We took it out and brought it to the mage’s guild. They paid us very well. :)

We were hired by Celius to protect a shipment of gold. We took the job. However, we soon heard that the cargo isn’t gold, but illegal material. We have to decide what to do soon because we need to relieve the previous crewmen tonight and it sounds like they will put off a fight. I decided to go investigate. I wonder what I can find out.


Helping a friend

Theoro Journal 3

Dear Noam,

I have come to the city of Hamil. I am with a great group that I feel very fond of. This being said I don’t know why I found myself apart from them while they went and had an adventure without me. However, I was able to help a fellow gnome who lives here, Felix. It seems that some people owed him money and didn’t want to pay. So I agreed to help. I went to collect the money and the person denied owing any money, which of course I realized was false. I cast the spell to make him sleep and he did. I took the money that Felix wanted and then I ran. I came back to Felix and had to lay low for a few days while Felix found the man and modified his memory, so he wouldn’t attack me again. While Felix was gone I wondered why he needed me to do this dirty work for him. It seems he could have done it himself. So why didn’t he? What do you think?

When Felix came back we started to drink. I was still a bit worried about that man finding me that I got carried away in my drink. I woke up a day or so later (at least that’s what everyone says). I realized that Felix was gone, so trying to see if I could trust felix I decided to go out and see if I could find the man and find out if he recognized me. However, before I could find him I caught up with my traveling group. It was quite the adventure.

Your favorite brother (Theoro)


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