The Age of Reason

Arwen's Journal- Dungeons

I never pegged myself for such a risk-taker, but as soon as we got a chance to go underground and hunt an invisible killer, we did it. As soon as we saw an entrance to a set of ruins, we went in. As soon as we saw working ancient constructs, we tied them up to sell to my dad (along with the rights to the ruin, and the glowing spheres, all as separate charges.)

I like this life, but it does scare me. One of these days I’m going to mess up, and it will cost thousands of gold and possibly my life. But before that happens, can I ride my winning streak all the way to the top?

I’m juggling priceless vases, and at any moment I could drop one. But if I don’t……….

Adventuring is intoxicating. I should have done this years ago.

What am I to do?

So I must be a time traveler of some sort. I went in for a few minutes and came out hours later to tell the others about writing on a wall. I fear to write anything of detail only to find myself still in that room over and over until I finally don’t make any mistakes.

hmmm. I guess I could use this to my advantage though. Live a life studying and learning and growing and then at the last minute tell someone about it and find myself back where I started only to do it again.

I wonder if I’d ever get bored of it. Well there’s no way for me to tell for certain. For all I know it might not ever care if it’s found. But if that’s the case why would it tell me that I couldn’t leave otherwise. does it actually put trust in peoples word for some reason? How can it even remember what it means to trust?


Dear Vanja,

I hope this letter finds you well. Depending on how often you visit your uncle Felix, this letter probably finds you at the same time as my last one. We’ve gone to Mystvale. It’s the first stop on our journey to fame and fortune. And entrepreneurship. It’s already been an eventful journey.
I thought I was getting used trains, but this last train ride has just about changed my mind back again. We got in the middle of an attempted assassination. I’m proud to say the we were a big part of the reason it was only attempted. It was just a group of men armed with guns. At some point someone cast a spell of darkness in the train car. That kept them from shooting us, but also kept us from shooting them, which we were trying to do.


Dreaming again

I can tell that I’ve been in too much combat when I start to dream about it. In my dreams I’m reliving my battles only from the perspective of an observer. Well,… not entirely. In my dreams I believe I am somehow in control of the battle I’m watching, as though it all depended on my decisions. Like pulling some number out of a magical hat would give me a better chance against a vampire mist. In my dream I have these things abstract items that I believe to be useful but when I try to make use of them they do absolutely nothing. I think I called them something like hero points? It’s like being hungry and dreaming that you are eating but not being filled. I guess this is just anxiety over what is about to unfold. I’m going to enter that temple soon and who knows what I will discover about my mark, or about my past. Will I find any satisfaction at all?

Interrupting a Demon's Dinner...
Blake's Journal

…Is never a good idea.

So… I am in charge of the investigation in Dinu. Officially.

I am tired of feeling powerless. Even if I had a Wizard friend who could empower me beyond normal men, I still could not overcome the system. Blaze is still behind bars for something she did not do, I am still chasing proverbial wild geese in the south, and the only faction that is willing to help is not…


Is he just a scumbag? Is he responsible for Blaze? For my father? What happened to give him his rise to power? So many questions I cannot answer. There is something that bothers me about a crew of Delvers delivering a couple chests of gold dust. If your employer is wealthy enough to transport gold dust, escorted by Delvers and not some local mercenaries… shouldn’t they stick around? Is there a plethora of Delvers in Hamil lookin’ for minor escort duty? I can’t put my finger on it… It may be nothing. But I think there is something I missed and its bugging me.

Focusing on what I can check out right now, I got my meeting with customs, only to find that it got me nowhere. Almost nowhere. I discovered that Dinu was probably the destination. I turned to the scene of the crime. The head was traced back to the private collection of a Mr. Tykin Fael. I grabbed a security guard by the name of Gareth Voss and headed across town to investigate. I figured we might be in for some trouble if there was resistance, but I wanted to cover my bases legally more than I wanted freedom to investigate, and that meant having a witness. Plus a halberd in battle isn’t bad.

When we arrived there was no answer. Just a foot hanging out a window.

We wasted little time with procedure, finding the door unlocked we cautiously stepped in to a grisly sight. The smell of death clung to the room, and blood streaked across the floor. we found several bodies bashed, slashed, and otherwise slain, including the body of a young girl, maybe eighteen years old. I admit I turned my thoughts to Blaze, and this attack became quite personal. I swore to end the attacker personally.

Gareth was not doing well. It was clear he would be useless in a battle, so I sent him back, sensing as I did that I would have to fight alone. Sure enough, as soon as he fled I heard ragged breathing upstairs. Ascending quietly I pried open the door to find a Schir, holding a halberd and chewing on the week-dead corpse of Mr. Fael.

It had not seen me. I knew I had a choice to run for help or confront it. My mind fixed upon the image of the young girl left to bleed out her bedroom window, and my decision was made. Blades in hand, I charged the creature and planted my blades deep into its flesh. It roared back in surprise, and I took the opportunity to use my spring-blades to hit it again. My attacks hit home, severing muscle and causing the beast debilitating pain. It hit me with the side of the halberd and knocked me for a moment, but I recovered in time to slash at it once more. It must have been losing blood because it turned to flee. I used this opportunity to jump and stick a blade where I assumed its lungs would be. It stumbled to the top of the stairs, dazed and nearly unconscious. I jumped and planted both feet against it sending it down the stairs, crashing into the floor below. Gareth returned to find me standing nearby, the Schir’s stolen halberd buried in its back like a flagpole.

I didn’t tell him about the ring I pulled from Mr. Fael’s nearly digested hand. I am grateful the beast didn’t kill me. It could have—it was foolish for me to attack on my own.

There are certain questions that should be asked here. Why was the reporting of the stolen effigy posthumous—or more correctly how. Why, a week later, was there a Schir upstairs, still feasting on corpses? And what am I going to do now?

Arwen's Journal- Branching Out

We got a lot of money from our last haul. Enough money that we felt spending it on wine, women and better swords just wasn’t right. We tossed around ideas for a trade expedition, real estate, piracy, when we hit on it.

Open our own mercenary company.

And why not? We’ve been doing pretty well for ourselves. It wouldn’t even have to be our own company, par se: we talked to the Delver captain about using their name, branching out to a new city, and sharing contracts back and forth.

First we go north to visit family and mentally-connected Dragons. Then we go over the mountains to pick up some advanced technologies to caravan down to the south, where we sell them, construct a building, and start our business.

I like this plan.

Left again...


I found a distant relative! Her name is Vanja. She is our aunt’s 6th cousin. After a long chat with her, I went to catch up with my group. However, when I went to find them they had already left. Why? Why would they leave me again? I didn’t think that Vanja and I talked that long. oh well. They went to the waste. I’ve never been there, this should be an adventure. Vanja decided to come with me. :)

Psychotic Kobolds again...


The group that I have been traveling with seems to keep breaking up at odd times and reuniting again later. It’s kinda odd. Anyway, we were on our way to Roran because Kestren knew someone there that he could ask about his shoulder. It is odd that Kestren seems to not remember anything about himself. I’m curious where this will take me. This could make for a good story later. We got off of the train in some city and went to catch a connecting train to Roran. When we arrived we were informed that the train to Roran is out for a few days for repairs. So we decided to just look for some work around here.

After all that travel we were pretty hungry so we went to the market. They had dried peaches! You know how much I love peaches, or fruit for that matter. Well, I bought a large bag and dragged it behind me.

We did find some work. Those crazy Kobolds are at it again. We heard of trouble by some farms. So we went out to investigate. We followed a trail that led to a cave filled with Kobolds. I tried to sneak up for a closer look, when Kestren snapped a twig. Obviously, the Kobolds heard that and came out to investigate. We fought them and learned that they had a dragon that they were worshiping. The dragon came out. We didn’t attack it, then it started attacking the Kobolds. Then once it saw we weren’t going to attack it, it flew away.

Upon interrogation we learned that the dragon was given to the Kobolds as an egg from another dragon named Nithlhet. After some investigation we met with Nadab and he told us that Nithlhet had died. That’s just bizarre but it’s now a matter for the dragons.

Raniel's Journal session 7
whein Raniel complains

I need to update the list of things I do not like to include Kobolds….

Once more worshiping a dragon, through interrogation we learned they were given the whelpling as a gift from someone called Nithlhet.

Oh right, linear storytelling… well,

after I lost my memory due to demonic possession (yay for another item for the list), we ended up doing a job while waiting or a train route to be repaired. Some Kobolds were somehow tearing down trees, and we were hired to stop this.

Turns out the somehow was a whelpling that was being held against its will. We had a long fight with the kobolds…who some of which were surprisingly difficult to strike, only to have the dragon fly away at the end.
Interrogating survivors, we learned it was whoever Nithlhet is gave it to them.

Through Windswallow talking to another dragon, Nadab we were able to learn this should be impossible, and were later brought to meet him by theoro at the site of the pillar.

Wow, meeting an actual Dragon, and a rather large one too. I need to start a new list, things I love. Nadab, this dragon is the first entry.

Levrim's Journal- 7th Session

Celine was eager to leave Dinu and none of us were eager to stay long in Hamil, as we still had our doubts about Lord Celus and his trade, so we decided to venture north, passing briefly in Hamil but continuing further until we returned to Desya. The train took us there quickly and without incident and there we went about our different errands, Raniel to report to the main officers of the Delvers, but me to find Yueh. I found him in an inn, lingering in town still, and we spoke for a long time, since I had much to say and a slow tongue to say it with.

While in Desya, we discovered that the other group that had helped us against the kobolds was in town as well. We had little time to catch up with them, but I overheard that they too had some dealing with Celus, though I wasn’t sure if it had been good or bad.

Raniel soon rounded up our little band and told us of a job his Delver contact had told him about. A small hamlet just due north was having trouble and it seemed likely to be more kobolds. With that information, we rode a train north until we found the town. It was a small farming community that was still getting ready for planting season, but we learned that many livestock had been stolen at night and that all tracks pointed to kobolds that lurked in the forest northwards. Additionally, some trees were found uprooted, though by what, they did not know.

Surprisingly, it was Celine that best found and followed the tracks for us, but we soon found ourselves outside another cave, much like before. Theoro slipped ahead to see what we were to expect, but our presence was soon noticed and several of the small yipping creatures poured out of the cave and attacked us. It was a longer battle than I expected, for though these were mere kobolds, two of them had gear that had been made by no kobold and they fought with discipline and skill. However, we began to turn the battle in our favor.

I assumed that there would be reinforcements in the cave, so I was not surprised when one of the leaders told the others to stay near the cave. However, I was surprised to hear that it was an effort to protect their ‘tiny god’ from us. What that could have been, I did not know. Soon though, a small hatchling dragon hopped out of the cave and began nipping at anything close to it, friend or foe. The thing seemed very fond of Kestrin’s summoned rats and quickly set on them with relish, but was disappointed as none of them were edible but merely burst into mist between its teeth.

We focused our efforts on the kobolds and did our best to stay out of the way of the hatchling, for none of us had any desire to harm a creature that was only just barely out of its infancy. We soon crushed the kobolds and the hatchling, seeming to notice the lack of anyone near it, took off into the sky above and flew away before we could do anything to stop it. Fortunately, no more kobolds were found in the cave and those that we questioned stated that their raids had been to find food for their ‘tiny god’, the hatchling. When questioned, they finally stated that its egg had been a gift from an ancient dragon. For what purpose, the kobolds didn’t know.

We retrieved our bounty from the farmers and returned to Desya, but once there we spoke with Windswallow from the other group, as he seems to have a strange link with dragons. He didn’t know of the ancient dragon the kobold’s spoke of, but whatever dragons he communes with stated that this dragon had been dead for eons. One dragon even flew out and met us near the Obelisk to hear our story itself, unsure what to make of the ancient dragon’s connection to an egg-napping. This dragon, who was none other than Nadab of legend, stated that he’d speak with the rest of his kin and they would be on the lookout for anything else pertaining to the dragon-who-should-be-dead, Nithlhet.


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