The Age of Reason

Flipping a coin in a lake isn't lucky


I am finally going to the waste. I have never been here before. It is one of the places that the adventurers in previous groups never wanted to go. In case you ever get the chance to come here to the waste I want to warn you: DON’T VISIT THE WEEPING LAKE!! This land is a sad land. The taint is a horrible thing. My heart reaches out to the lady of the weeping lake. I wish I could help her, but I’m afraid she is beyond our help. One of the scary things about the waste is vampiric mists. They can smell blood from long distances. These things are nasty.


Bad news dragons
Second page of Celus's journal decoded: Wars within wars, War-ception.

Hours upon hours of staring at these stupid little letters have paid off. Telerden’s family was nice to offer me parchment and candles to work with, but I don’t think they anticipated the amount of parchment I would consume with my scribbles and endless failed attempts to decode even a single page. When they discover how many of their candle’s I’ve burned down to stumps, I’m afraid that they’ll ask me to start buying my own. I guess it would be fair.

It is annoying that Mr. Celus invents a different codex for each page. Each page is more complicated than the last.

This is the excerpt:
Though I doubt that this ledger will ever be taken from my possession I think I should be more cautious. My early pages are not encoded very well, so I will have to be more cautious in how I encrypt my personal notes. Today I had my first meeting with Nithlhet’s representative. A great Lunar by the name of Adoniram. His eyes were hollow and cold, I recognized them as the eyes of a kindred soul. My role was clear, I was to instigate war among the humans. He warned me that war amongst the dragons was coming, and mankind would be caught in the middle. Mankind would be reduced to ashes by both wars, and from the ashes I could rise to power. I knew the implications of war amongst the dragons… reckoning. Adoniram assured me that he knew his allies could not win the war against the remainder of the council, however, he was willing to die for his lord, Nithlhet. Just like myself, Nithlhet intended to return to power above the broken remnants of dragonkind. Everything must fall.

I can’t help feeling that we would all be better off if we had killed Celus when we had the chance.

A page from the stolen ledger of Jaeren Celus
I'll let you chew on this a while, hints may or may not be available.

At the top of the page are written 3 numbers: 13 – 50 – 20

(Note: the position of spaces is really important in this cipher, email me if you want the exact text, just in case obsidian portal has dropped off any spaces.)

“G b zvuq. nub.bjnqu ushVlgr, gtrg a vvyebef u ub u fuarurhb.jc aVZraz V.vq rztz vrAn l fvj .frsgau yevze u qnx. eb n zZyfgrrehjqea n evaVll bu pbznyfreyb ag uaybbynfr,jrysugfqcrnnustra . pv vr bbniyr a fp ngxrgfabhfer gNvj.b aubfu qsofy a’qmn zZqra ryr grlgbfbrf vn vp bqq f bg aq Uaasvabpe egfc rev prtxezthbqgnuvnofregy ,vbc.yh,btnbtr.cnurj azy qa bgar ezrnnnq v pAea fz r.zeea gpNavvrxgV bGf ,aqjunqbyggvu nebr n r brgbg,uhavgerqaUfVqzh va yeqfur ngv nynbvjuua. v plnfgjzaqfaevbr yaan g unrx ufnajgg rxbhVvrrf vor z r.bRq gg il garfb gi itV vurrrguq snur crr rbn.flbn eV freWbeefahq r gjr jf ,hjl upf jfv bqpnhj frgjbb zNr ajhhbeenugeuvhqvl ebfnyph rer vyyra trsgeqrynq ynayqq se v qqz njvot uvruntno bztnxb roibenb nzrgearnfrizirrjfgyxgb bvt v rhr e g yvrap ffgajz fezlV Yba tnnrgufvlgg b zhjqjfhf ngyfu oejrra engtuggg yrrsrrrarnnre urbu gvy n ypgeaq ggf ruuasoygpyev q nu c rrt,eynn,lao fzrvobq b.xh ctlpbb aljexegAx rgfg bhaq rnarbvr avb jgyytegoetrz ga "

Arwen's Journal- Plans

(When something big happens that completely changes Arwen’s life, he has a tendency to understate it in his journal. For example, when Shaligh left him, stole his money, and destroyed his relationship with his family, his journal simply states “Currently single, unemployed, and broke.” After learning the dragons may soon be broiled in a civil war with the fate of all mortal races hanging in the balance and Arwen himself playing the role of mediator and prophet from the dragons to the mortals, Arwen’s journal reads as follows:)

Change of plans. I will probably no longer be moving south.

Note to self: buy fire repellent clothing.

A love letter of warning
Letter from Blake Cochran to Selena Lighting

Selena, my heart.

I think of you. I wake with you in my heart, and despite my fears and my focus, I find myself thinking of you daily. I miss the scent of sweet rose, the stars that swell with the sigh of the earth below, and the blushing sky as the candle burns low on the bedside. I miss your laughter and your embarrassed grin, and the little skip that picks up your feet when you find your heart too light to walk on earth. I cannot wait to see you again.

I have little time, and I must be swift to ensure this gets to you in time. I beg you to trust me. Something dark is coming. I have much to discuss with you, as soon as possible but it is not safe to send such open information. Meet me for Rhubarb pie as soon as you can. Send me word when you receive this. It may be time to recover that which was lost. There is a shadow over the land. I don’t know what it is yet, but I urge you to trust me as you always have, and travel safely. Hurry my love. The tattooed woman (yes I know you don’t particularly like her) is willing to help.

From what I have seen these past few months I cannot bear to be apart longer.
I will see you soon. Your father will understand.


Celus's Ledger

I have begun decoding the ledger of Jaeren Celus. This is the first page:

Nithlhet, when I first heard that name it struck fear deep into my heart. Now, I am not a man that scares easily, but Nithleht, one of the great old ones, was to be my ticket to power. My plans are starting to be set into motion, I can only trust that my lord knows what he is doing.

Of course, who am I to doubt the power, knowledge and wisdom of one as old and powerful as my lord, whose name I dare not even write. His power helped me five years ago, and I do not doubt that he can and will help me again. As long as I work to further his purposes, he will give me the power I seek.

I imagine that I will gain that power by years end, mark my words.

From this we learn a few very important things about Mr. Celus. First, he does not use the Oxford comma. Second, he seems to be pretty deep in some serious demon worship.

Now, what happened five years ago? And what is he planning now? And why do the dragons insist that Nithlhet is no longer living? If Nithlhet is alive, how could he have fooled all of the other dragons. If he is not alive, why is he the ticket to Celus’s power? Who is Mr Celus’s master?

Tessarid ruins

Dear Vanja,

I hope this letter finds you well. Our time in Mystvale has been very eventful. Of course, Arwen had been endeavoring to turn a profit on every turn of events. The mine is up for sale, and the customer is none other than Arwen’s estranged father. For a minute I thought Arwen would succeed in getting both parties to pay us to investigate the mine.

Taure Raw had her first taste of combat in the mine. She did quite a number on a face spider we encountered there. Such a good kitty.

- Arthur

Just another day at the Crooked Bass... Until she walked in.
Blake's Journal

my head is still a bit fuzzy so I will be brief.

I am frustrated that I passed through Hamil and was not able to see Blaze, but at least I got a note to her. I met an old friend, who may become a travelling companion for me for now, but I miss Selena so much I may burst. Things are coming to a head, and after receiving a copy of Celus’s ledger and cracking the code… I need to figure out who this Nithlet is. Nihlet. its hard to write when you are buzzed.

Speaking of which… when Elaine offers flaming ale… dont take it. Wow. At least I didn;t pass out. [scribbles]

I keep falling asleep. On my way to Mystvale. I am going to send Selena a message, and then get to bed. Goodnight.

A letter to my captive Phoenix
Scrawled in Vaeric on a scrap of paper by the hand of Blake Cochran

מייַן ליב שוועסטער. איך ליבע איר. איך האָבן געפרוווט אַזוי פילע מאל צו געפֿינען די ווערטער צו זאָגן.
איך געהרגעט אַ שעד לעצטע וואָך, עס האט שאַטן אַ מיידל און איך געדאַנק פון איר. עס איז ניט באַטראַכט, אָבער איך קען ניט שטיין באַזונדער און טאָן גאָרנישט. איך האב ווערן שטארקער בלאַזער. איך וועל נישט געבן אַרויף. ווען לעצט איך גערעדט מיט סעלענאַ זי דערציילט מיר צו זאָגן איר, אז זי מיסיז דיין שמייכל, און אַז איר זאָל בלייַבן שטאַרק. צי ניט דיספּער.
איך האב געפונען אַ גרופּע פון דעלווערס וואס ויסקומען צו זייַן אויף צו עפּעס גרויס.
דער שטיין איך איז געגעבן פון דער שלאנג האט שוין אַקטינג סטריינדזשלי אויך. מייַן געדאנקען זענען ווי פיש אין אַן אקעאן, אַזוי פיל צו דערציילן איר אָבער זיי ילוד מיר. איך וועל זען איר ווי באַלד ווי איך קענען מיין ליב. איך וועל האָבן אונדזער פרייַנד שמוגלען דעם צו איר, צוזאמען מיט אַ רעפטל פון ראַבאַרבער פּיראָג ווי באַלד ווי איך קענען. אָדער אפֿשר קאַרש. קאַרש איז געווען דיין באַליבט. איך האָפֿן עס איז נאָך.
כל מיין ליבע, ברעאַקער.

מזל דיין געבורסטאָג.

A page from the stolen ledger of Jaeren Celus

The entire ledger is encoded, with everything scrambled using some sort of cypher and then written in Vaeric characters, and mostly seems to be laid out in columns, where obviously there are numbers written to represent various transactions. However, there are a number of pages that grab your attention as you are flipping through the book. There are a number of pages where there are a few paragraphs written, on a slant on the page. Judging by the handwriting and length they appear to be journal entries, or at least, you think they might be.

The first such page in the ledger book has written at the top of it what appears to be “V – B”, though the “B” could actually be “13”, but you can’t quite tell. The text is as follows:

"Abewqwhe, twha B mbuze whnuc ewne anvh be zeujxl mhnu chhk baef vd whnue. Aft, B nv afe n vna ewne zxnuhz hnzbqd, sje Abewqwhe, fah fm ewh ruhne fqc fahz, tnz ef sh vd ebxlhe ef kfthu. Vd kqnaz nuh zenuebar ef sh zhe baef vfebfa, B xna faqd eujze ewne vd qfuc laftz twne wh bz cfbar.

Fm xfjuzh, twf nv B ef cfjse ewh kfthu, laftqhcrh nac tbzcfv fm fah nz fqc nac kfthumjq nz vd qfuc, twfzh anvh B cnuh afe hoha tubeh. Wbz kfthu whqkhc vh mboh dhnuz nrf, nac B cf afe cfjse ewne wh xna nac tbqq whqk vh nrnba. Nz qfar nz B tful ef mjuewhu wbz kjukfzhz, wh tbqq rboh vh ewh kfthu B zhhl.

B bvnrbah ewne B tbqq rnba ewne kfthu sd dhnuz hac, vnul vd tfucz."


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