Jaeren Celus' Ledger

The encrypted ledger of Jaeren Celus


An encrypted journal.

Contains mostly financial stuff.

Encryption not cracked.

+1 confusion
+2 frustration
-3 understandable


As a bit of a parting gift of sorts, Naila offered to grab this ledger for you from the home of Mr. Celus. She had been posing as a maid there for a time, hoping to run off with a pretty decent score. She found something worth taking, but mentioned to Arwen if he was interested she could grab this as well. He accepted, and she did.

The ledger itself has not yet proven to be overly useful. The entire thing is encrypted, and it seems that it’s slightly different on every single page. Every page has a few letters on the top of them, which you can only assume is part of the key, but you’re not sure. Most of the ledger seems to be nothing more than business transactions, though there are a handful of pages that seem to be journal entries of some kind.

Jaeren Celus' Ledger

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