Ire Stones

Formed from the blood of Wrath itself.


A small red crystal, about the diameter of your thumb.


Legend has it that when the Demon Lord Ra’Zhen, the Dark Lord of the Flame and the Patron of Wrath, was slain, from his heart were taken 12 small crystals formed of his blood. These 12 stones in later years became known as the Ire Stones.

Not much is known about the Ire Stones other than the fact that they are incredibly rare (there are, after all, only 12 in the world), incredibly valuable, and unnaturally alluring. There are rumors of men going mad, or people who have died of hunger or thirst because they could not stop looking at the stones long enough to eat or drink.

Their powers are largely unknown, but they carry with them strong magical auras, approaching the strength of an artifact.

Ire Stones

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