The Oathbreaker


An ancient Sky Dragon.

~2500 years old


Legends hold that before the Great War, the Dragon Nadab made an agreement with the God of Justice, Samar. An agreement he failed to complete. For breaking this oath, Samar imprisoned him in a cave, binding him with powerful magic that took the form of a great chain. During the Great War, Samar agreed to free Nadab in exchange for his help in ending the war, and though it took nearly 50 years for Nadab’s freedom to be obtained, Nadab fulfilled his second oath and fought in the Great War to help clear out the city of Hamil of the bandit who lived there.

According to the writings of Rodi Windswallow, who helped to free him from his prison, Nadab has become the leader of the Dragon Council. Nadab is known to be a trickster, but he is also very powerful and unforgiving of those that betray his trust.


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