Madame Jeanette Cantor de Ferrielle

A rich bureaucrat who has gone through a few too many husbands.


Location: Desya
She and her husband practically own Roran.

Wears a ring to make herself appear younger.


The group met Madame de Ferrielle on the journey to Roran when the mysterious golden box attracted her magic ring right off her finger. Arwen took the opportunity to gain her favor.

Madame de Ferrielle is the wife of Mister Allister Ferrielle who owns the mine in Roran and, subsequently, most of the town. She was coming to retrieve her son, Mack Castor, who was injured working as a tunnel-runner.

She is the current head of the wealthy and powerful Castor estate, which holds a lot of influence in both the Celeria province and in the Drahtl Empire.

Madame Jeanette Cantor de Ferrielle

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