Jerrik Theophilos Smythe

Leader of the Delvers. A tall, strong human with a large smile.


Contact: Raniel

Human Fighter (sword and shield)


Jerrik used to be a member of the Imperial Guard, and served in Peoria for a while. Around that time there was a serious series of small rebellions that rose and were quelled by the Imperial Guard. Jerrik had a falling out with the Imperial Guard, and realized that war was not what he wanted to do with his skills. He decided that Mercenary work was better suited for him.

He had read a book by Rodi Windswallow about the Tessarid race, and so he began to study them, delving deep into their few remaining ruins, including what was left of Aki’aul. Over time he developed a reputation and assembled his company, the Delvers.

His old friend, Malek, also ended up leaving the Imperial Guard, and settled in Desya. Jerrik relocated his headquarters to Desya, and from there operates the Delvers’ operation.

During the initial dragon attack Jerrik was severely injured, losing both his legs and falling into a coma. It’s unsure if he’ll recover.

Jerrik Theophilos Smythe

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