Owner of the Regal Gnome Tavern


Contact: Arwen



Elaine is the widowed owner of the Regal Gnome, a well known tavern in Desya. She is also the sole person on earth who knows how to craft “Firenze’s Flaming Ale”, a brew that is known throughout the entire Empire as the best drink in existence.

Her mother ran the Regal Gnome in Ish many years ago, however, when Peoria fell near the end of the Great War, her mother had the whole tavern magically transported to Desya.

She is a gnomish woman, and is incredibly friendly, but at the same time, she can be quite intimidating when she needs to be. She also looks much younger than she is.

Her assistant is a man by the name of Mek. Mek is a tall, well-built man with darker skin. He is a little odd. His eyes always seem to be looking at two directions at the same time, and he always refers to himself in plural form.

The Regal Gnome itself is a very old-world looking building, and the design of it is very Peorian looking. According to Elaine she had a little assistance in moving the building magically from Ish, where she says her Mother used to run the Regal Gnome.


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