The Age of Reason

The Disappearing Box Trick

“Where am I?” That was the first question I had today, and “How did I get here?” soon followed. The past few hours have passed by in a blur. I was helping my comrades figure out a murder mystery. I found the murders and was engaged in a light conversation with them, when I saw the person who was murdered. What?! I thought he was dead. I vocalized my surprise at seeing him, that was a mistake. I was talking with his murders. They took me into the back room at gunpoint, and questioned me. Of course, they didn’t get anything out of me. They believed everything I said. Well, that at least kept me alive. They decided to tie me up and put me in a box. It was going to be easy to break out. Once I got out, I pushed open the box and found myself somewhere else entirely. I climbed out to explore and the box disappeared. Now I was in a pickle. I had a conversation with a bodiless voice. It wasn’t very helpful, but it did tell me how to get out. I spent hours walking and came up to a river. It proved to be really hard to cross. I almost died. I came up to another river and was too tired to continue. I fell asleep and found myself in a dream with some kind of spirit. He told me I was dying, but that he could send me back to my body, but I would have to do something for him. I chose to live. When I woke up I was here. A nice man with a lovely daughter helped me out. Apparently they carried me from where I was to their humble home. They were very kind to me. They assisted me to get a train ride back to Hamil.


iellswo Beadge

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