The Age of Reason

stone making snakes


On our way out of the Wastes we encountered these crazy snakes that turn people to stone if they look into its eyes. I saved many in our group from being turned into stone. However, I failed to save two people. Fortunately, once we kill the snake its blood will turn their victims back to flesh. We had to go searching for another snake to cure one of our comrades. We did that and continued our journey. I’m glad that we didn’t find any other troubles before we got into town.

We made it back from the wastes and are now in Mistvale. I heard Nadab laughing as we came into Mistvale. I was able to talk with him about how I can help the waste. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s hopeless.

When we came into Mistvale we found a large disturbance in town. Apparently Jaeren Celus recently purchased the local mine. Why can’t we get away from this man?



iellswo Beadge

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