The Age of Reason

Raniel's Journal - 16th session

They’re dead…

They’re dead, and it’s my fault. If only I had rushed to warn them when we arrived rather than worry about being followed. Obviosly, the old man from the Order of the Golem read someone’s mind, and I’m not sure if it was me or not, but while we waited to assess the situation the doctor’s house where we had left that which shouldn’t be written down((editors note: he means Irestones)) at exploded.

I almost got Leonard Mayes killed once before because I couldn’t tell a thug from a real soldier, and now my inaction has actually cost the lives of others. I don’t know what to do with this. I swear, though, on my honor, and on my blood, I will avenge them.

I will not rest until the Order of the Golem pays for the lives they have taken this day. We sought them out in friendship, in desire to align with them against a common foe – and how do they repay us? By reading our minds against our will, and murdering people. Naila had warned us against this path, though I barely know her, the rest of the group seems to – I should’ve trusted her more. I should have done more…


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