The Age of Reason

Lost and Found


When I got into town I have started to notice some strange things. I have started to see ghosts. No one seems to notice them, except me. I’ll have to think about this some more. Maybe the stone is so that I can take a message from the dead to the living. Or maybe vice versa. I’m not sure…

I met the one who held me at gun point and put me into the box. It seems that she was being forced to work with these evil men.

We have had a few companions that have been missing for some time. We decided to check around town for more work. Master Celius didn’t have anything for us to do. And there’s still this thing that we have two companions that are still missing. It seems that they may not have been heading this direction after all. Call it a divine revelation or just a thought, we decided to go back to the family that helped me recover. We thought maybe there was a chance that Kestren would have decided to come to this city. We found that he wasn’t there, so we decided that we would go out looking for him.

After a long time wandering Aja told me that there was a cave up ahead. Getting a closer look at the cave it seems that there were some people that had come by there and some kind of monster. So, what do daring, brave adventurers like ourselves do? We enter the cave of course! As it turns out, that was a very bad idea. We found our comrades but two of our comrades died in the process. Or at least they should have been dead. By some random chance they are alive. It seems to me that they may have met the Wanderer. Though they don’t seem to be able to see what I see.



iellswo Beadge

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