The Age of Reason

Levrim's Journal- 15th Session

Following our meeting with Nadab to meet up with our new companions, He gave us orders to deliver the Irestone he had to a scholar that he trusted. Being that this scholar lived many days to the south, we boarded the local train that was somehow still functioning. However, while we travelled, a strange hooded figure approached our new dwarven companion and gave him a cursed totem. Fortunately, the totem didn’t overwhelm him but when we tried to apprehend this being, he vanished and left only a pile of clothing. Nadab hinted that this was a ‘Silent One’, a possessing demon that tries to drive out the souls of others to claim their bodies for their own. We didn’t think it chance that such a being attacked us while we were transporting the Irestone.

It turned out that this scholar lived with her eccentric and probably idiotic father, but apparently uses his strangeness to not draw too much attention to herself. A strange practice, but when one has been entrusted with something as dangerous as an Irestone, I cannot blame her for wanting to remain out of the minds of others. After our recent encounter on the train, I thought any and all precautions prudent to avoid the attention of our enemies. We warned her of our enemies then left her in peace.

Following some confusion where our new companions spent days trying to find a vampire rumored to haunt the area, we made our way to Hamil. Our brush with the possessing demon had rattled us and we hoped to find allies that could help us ward off whatever infernal scheme was now afoot. One group in particular seems most suited to this- the shadowy Order of the Golem. My companions did what they could to find help, but I followed my own sources, trying to find aid.

I found it, but on conditions. Is such aid worth binding myself to even more leaders?


iellswo akhdar

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