The Age of Reason

Levrim's journal

So much has happened, where can I even begin? The world is upside down and I don’t think it’s even a bad thing.

Nadab, using whatever means or network was available to him, discovered the gathering place of the rogue dragons and, in addition to his own draconic allies, persuaded us to come and help out in whatever way we could. He was grimly determined to not only stop this civil war between the dragons, but also to wreck vengeance upon the rogue leader who had stolen the last egg of Nadab’s brood.

However, our own intentions were merely to aid in the general bloodshed and avoid becoming part of the inevitable casualties. We prepared ourselves best we could, layering spells and enchantments thickly until we could hardly carry anymore. Finally, Nadab used his magic to bring us all into an ancient valley. Almost immediately, we moved to engage a pair of dragons that, though not as impressive or as powerful as some others in the valley, were nonetheless vastly stronger than we had dealt with before.

The fighting was intense, both for us as well as for our allies and soon the entire valley was a massive battlefield, rent often by the roars and blazing breaths of dragons. We fought desperately, nearly overwhelmed by the pair we were facing. During the chaos, both Leonard and his unexplained double were struck down, but their passing caused the very fabric of nature to begin to twist and writhe, forming a rift where they had stood. Its opening had blasted those of us near it with some fell force, so we quickly withdrew from the widening gap. I admit I was curious as to what could possibly be happening, but I began to hear whispers, frantic and broken, emanating from it. What they said, I couldn’t quite make out, but the sound of them filled me with dread and I ran.

Lucky for me that I had. The rift quickly collapsed on itself, killing a dragon that had foolishly drawn close to see what might be seen beyond. In its wake though was Leonard, now just one instead of two, and a confused goblin. What had happened? I don’t know, but I feel it was something beyond the ken of any of us in the valley then, dragon or mortal.

Fortunately, while we were busy witnessing such a strange sight, the rest of the battle had turned in Nadab’s favor. The rogue leader had fled and those that remained had surrendered. Though I doubted that this was the end of our troubles with the dragons, I hoped that it was the end of the widespread civil war that had destroyed so much of our own empire.

However, Raniel had been gravely hurt in the fight and though he soon was fine thanks to our help, he seemed strangely quiet about the battle itself. Days later, I discovered that he had nearly died during the fight, and during his brush with death, had been accosted by none other than the Wanderer. What that creature might want with him, I didn’t know, but I found out that Theoro had also met it before. As we discussed it, the air grew chill and I heard the small, childish voice speak from just beyond my sight. It began to mock us, threatening us with whatever it could do to those that had so recently met it and I, in desperation, finally invoked my full power and rebuked it back to whatever foul pit it lived in.

So far, my friends, for thus I think of them, have at least been tolerant of my now-revealed beliefs, but we shall see as time goes on whether or not they can accept me when our time of need passes.


iellswo akhdar

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