The Age of Reason

FWP: The Wizard I Look Up To and Learn From Cares More About Research than About Protecting the World from Diabolical Forces

The goblin army came, though they were quite tardy in their arrival. The nerve of some enemies; they kept us waiting for several hours before engaging us in combat. Furthermore, they set a lovely inn on fire and blew up the train. I’m not entirely sure why they did that last one – I would have thought they would want to keep it intact as a spoil of war. But what do I know? I’m just the only intelligent being within a 100-mile radius or so.
Summoning horses did little more than provide meaty bodies for the hobgoblins to cut into other than those of my co-workers. But, I suppose it is better that conjured creatures take the sword to the gut rather than the others – even if this does mean my share of the payment is substantially smaller.
The leader of the goblins was an obvious fool. I had hoped for someone who at least pretended to have a semblance of mental prowess, but the idiot did nothing to hide his demonic heritage. Perhaps he believed that it was obvious by now what was going on anyway, but it never hurts to do what you can to keep your enemies in the dark as much as possible. Of all things, a man that worships the Demon Lord of the Secret Pact should know that much. But again, my expectations of idiots are far too high.
Though, expecting him to be able to stay on his skunk is perfectly reasonable. Also, expecting him to ride a horse instead of a skunk is perfectly reasonable. Regardless, he was a completely inept fighter. Even I could have flung my sword into the dirt and flopped off my steed like a schoolgirl on a bucking bull. I guess not all demon lords have standards of what sorts of followers they will accept.
Shortly after his dismal display of utmost lack of any sort of skill, I summoned yet another horse, which promptly placed its hindquarters on the demon-spawn’s chest. To put it in a way more easily understood by the fools I travel with, the horse sat on the tiefling. This made it easy for Arwen to tie him up, which in turn made it easy for me to throw his body onto the horse’s back and ride off.
I kept the fellow in the river, where any plans of spontaneous combustion would be rendered obsolete. Aside from that, I didn’t much care to have anyone – whether his allies or mine – interfering or interrupting while I was questioning him.
All things told, he is an enemy with no real interest in becoming an ally. His plan to bring his demon lord into this world where he can wreak havoc is absolutely impossible to allow. The gems are, of course, exceedingly dangerous, as I previously thought. Their function is similar to what I had anticipated as well, though he did not give as much detail as I would have liked on how to use the one that summons his lord. I suppose details aren’t really necessary in this instance, though.
I returned and allowed the local authorities to deal with him. Of course, he burst into flames not too long after; good to see that I’m the only one realizing that this is a trend with these people.
Interestingly, much of the information I extracted from the leader had been obtained from the innkeeper. Who knew a peon could know so much – but still, there were some important details that would have most likely remained undiscovered had I not conducted that private interview.
In any case, I have of course written the only other person I know of who might have some insight into the situation at hand.
Also, our efforts to find someone to disenchant the gems have been, more or less, fruitless. It is a guarantee that Neville could do it, but he seems more interested in its research value than in something as trivial as saving the world from demonic tyranny. I can understand where he’s coming from. It’s, more or less, similar to having a preference for oranges over apples.
Speaking of apples, I will be leaving ahead of everyone else in order to fetch some apples. I will also exchange recipes with Traigo. Hopefully there are no gunmen or exploding trains involved.


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