The Age of Reason

Civil war ended

Today I killed a man. It was an accident. The Wanderer had me deliver a blue token to a man in exchange for my life. When he touched it, the man died. The Wanderer tricked me. I’ll never make a deal with him again. I’m now a wanted man.

Today we saw the end of the dragon civil war! While the help we gave was little, we were able to help Nadab end the civil war. We fought two dragons that were extremely hard to fight. My bow wasn’t very effective. I was able to penetrate their spell barrier but they were too powerful for my spells to take effect.

While we were fighting the most curious thing happened. A rod of wonder appeared in my bag. It may be interesting to try out this new item. I’ve only heard about these.

We also met a goblin who calls himself Breki. He thought he knew me…


iellswo Beadge

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