The Age of Reason

Celus's Ledger

I have begun decoding the ledger of Jaeren Celus. This is the first page:

Nithlhet, when I first heard that name it struck fear deep into my heart. Now, I am not a man that scares easily, but Nithleht, one of the great old ones, was to be my ticket to power. My plans are starting to be set into motion, I can only trust that my lord knows what he is doing.

Of course, who am I to doubt the power, knowledge and wisdom of one as old and powerful as my lord, whose name I dare not even write. His power helped me five years ago, and I do not doubt that he can and will help me again. As long as I work to further his purposes, he will give me the power I seek.

I imagine that I will gain that power by years end, mark my words.

From this we learn a few very important things about Mr. Celus. First, he does not use the Oxford comma. Second, he seems to be pretty deep in some serious demon worship.

Now, what happened five years ago? And what is he planning now? And why do the dragons insist that Nithlhet is no longer living? If Nithlhet is alive, how could he have fooled all of the other dragons. If he is not alive, why is he the ticket to Celus’s power? Who is Mr Celus’s master?


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