The Age of Reason

Just another day at the Crooked Bass... Until she walked in.

Blake's Journal

my head is still a bit fuzzy so I will be brief.

I am frustrated that I passed through Hamil and was not able to see Blaze, but at least I got a note to her. I met an old friend, who may become a travelling companion for me for now, but I miss Selena so much I may burst. Things are coming to a head, and after receiving a copy of Celus’s ledger and cracking the code… I need to figure out who this Nithlet is. Nihlet. its hard to write when you are buzzed.

Speaking of which… when Elaine offers flaming ale… dont take it. Wow. At least I didn;t pass out. [scribbles]

I keep falling asleep. On my way to Mystvale. I am going to send Selena a message, and then get to bed. Goodnight.


iellswo Maven

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