The Age of Reason

Arwen's Journal- I'm going to be a Father

Ngaio, the Dryad of Greenwood, is dying. The taint creeping into her woods from the wastes is too strong. As the last of the Sylvan in the forest, when she dies there will be nothing left to watch over the woods. I asked her if there was anything I could do. She told me there was.

Give her a daughter.

Apparently Frathuel, princess of the elemental plane of water and my direct ancestor, gave us more than water in our veins. Something about that bloodline can help Ngaio, and if I were to give her a child that fused our bloodlines, it would be a boon to Ngaio’s efforts to save, or at least help, the wood. Not to mention it would allow at least one Fey to still exist in Greenwood after Ngaio is gone.

I’ve slept with women before. I even had one I was convinced I would marry, once. But this, this is the first time anyone has asked me for a child. I only just met Ngaio, and yet she asks this of me- but how could I, in good conscience, refuse her? The desperation of her situation, the uniqueness of my position to help her; It’s a strange, life-altering decision and yet… why do I feel so calm and set about this?

I told her I only had a few conditions. The chance to know the child when she grows up. The chance to learn of Ngaio and the Fey and the life this child would have. I refuse to give a woman a child and then simply walk away.

Soft Paw informed me that if anything happens to Ngaio the child would be my responsibility. I told him he had nothing to worry about. Part of me feels swept up in events, but the other part of me, the part that studied the stories of my ancestors, knows it isn’t the events that sweep you up, but the way you respond to them that determines the man you are. I’m glad I learned those lessons well.


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