The Age of Reason

amn open letter to the clergy of Syr Evan

Brothers and sisters in the charge of justice and righteousness, unbound, hear what I have to say, fo9r there wil likely never be a chance to know this otherwise.

I cannot fully explain this, and you need only know it if you die in battle, as heroes often do. That is why, it is to you, my brothers and sisters I write this note.

I am lucky, when I died in battle, I was able to return, but what I say of now involves what happened immediatly.

I was offered an chance to return to lfie by a childlike voice, one I now know belongs to one called the wanderer. It always sounded like it was behind me. It offered me a return to life if I but took its blue coin, and gave it to someone who it dictated. Ity refused my query of what wiould such a coin do – as I il wished to give a curse to some poor soul I do not even know. As such I refused its offer, and found myself on a boat, pioted by a servant of Kursheed. A place, apparently, wqas not ready for me yet, and I was returned to life to complete the abttle for which I had been in.

Later, I found out a comrade had also died but he had tajken the coin – and I witnessed him deliver it, and it gave death to he who recieved the coin. Needless to say we were both shocked.

The wanderer is a murderous monster who must be stopped, merely mentioning his name to my allies it tried to kill me, I was saved by the word of a holy man.

Beware, but continuye on the path of good and justice.



iellswo laserkid

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