The Age of Reason

A page from the stolen ledger of Jaeren Celus

The entire ledger is encoded, with everything scrambled using some sort of cypher and then written in Vaeric characters, and mostly seems to be laid out in columns, where obviously there are numbers written to represent various transactions. However, there are a number of pages that grab your attention as you are flipping through the book. There are a number of pages where there are a few paragraphs written, on a slant on the page. Judging by the handwriting and length they appear to be journal entries, or at least, you think they might be.

The first such page in the ledger book has written at the top of it what appears to be “V – B”, though the “B” could actually be “13”, but you can’t quite tell. The text is as follows:

"Abewqwhe, twha B mbuze whnuc ewne anvh be zeujxl mhnu chhk baef vd whnue. Aft, B nv afe n vna ewne zxnuhz hnzbqd, sje Abewqwhe, fah fm ewh ruhne fqc fahz, tnz ef sh vd ebxlhe ef kfthu. Vd kqnaz nuh zenuebar ef sh zhe baef vfebfa, B xna faqd eujze ewne vd qfuc laftz twne wh bz cfbar.

Fm xfjuzh, twf nv B ef cfjse ewh kfthu, laftqhcrh nac tbzcfv fm fah nz fqc nac kfthumjq nz vd qfuc, twfzh anvh B cnuh afe hoha tubeh. Wbz kfthu whqkhc vh mboh dhnuz nrf, nac B cf afe cfjse ewne wh xna nac tbqq whqk vh nrnba. Nz qfar nz B tful ef mjuewhu wbz kjukfzhz, wh tbqq rboh vh ewh kfthu B zhhl.

B bvnrbah ewne B tbqq rnba ewne kfthu sd dhnuz hac, vnul vd tfucz."


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